10 tricks to have soft and smooth hair

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10 tricks to have soft and smooth hair

Whether it's because we have our hair full of curls or simply because we want to avoid frizz with humidity, the quest to have straight hair has

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Whether it’s because we have our hair full of curls or simply because we want to avoid frizz with humidity, the quest to have straight hair has always been one of the biggest challenges people have had. Many of them have chosen to abuse irons, damaging their hair, or resorting to expensive hairdressing treatments to get a few days of that silky and dreamy hair.

However, there are many tricks that can help you solve the doubt of how to get soft and smooth hair. In this new Great Looking Hair article, we tell you all about them so that your hair looks soft and silky for longer.

Cold water

To learn how to have soft and smooth hair, you must know that this process begins with washing the hair. One of the simplest tricks and one that will cost you the least work, especially in summer, is to finish your showers and your hair wash with a good jet of cold water that stimulate the scalp and give your clean hair a much more noticeable shine and strength than you will get with warm water.

Keratin shampoo

Our hair naturally produces keratin, which is a molecule that helps make hair strong, elastic and healthy. However, if you notice that your hair is brittle or tends to frizz regularly, one of the best tips we can give you to always have straight hairor for as long as possible, in addition to being soft and shiny, is to use a shampoo that has an extra touch of keratin or keratin to give that boost to our hair and that it regains energy and strength in its growth. You can even do a specific treatment.

Here you can learn more about this treatment:

Apply the shampoo well

It is preferable to use natural shampoos to others with a more synthetic composition, since they are more beneficial to take care of our hair and, generally, in the medium-long term those that are not natural damage the hair.

In addition, it is convenient to use the shampoo well, that is, apply it well to the scalp area, massaging it, but do not forget to drag it to the rest of the hair, to the ends. This way you will make sure moisturize and clean all hair well, remember that a well hydrated mane will look more uniform or smooth and softer. It is not necessary to apply a large amount of product, or to put a good part on top and another part from the middle to the ends; putting an adequate amount on top and dragging is enough. Also, if you have dry hair it is even more important that you remember to apply a conditioner.

Use the comb and brush well

To have smooth and soft hair, it is very important to brush it correctly, otherwise it can break more, weaken or become more tangled. remember to do at least daily brushingbut above all remember that you have to untangle with a comb when the hair is wet and brush well with a suitable brush when the hair is dry.

Also, to untangle keep in mind that you have to start with the part that goes from the middle to the ends and, once it is free of tangles, continue with the part from the roots to the middle part of the hair. Otherwise you will accumulate many tangles, which will get bigger and more complicated, until breaking the hair.

Free hair

If we ask ourselves how to have shiny and smooth hair, it seems that the hairstyle has nothing to do with it. However, when we tie our hair up, we are not only promoting hair loss being always in tension, but also that we are leaving marks in our hair that will make it very difficult for it to look smooth later. Therefore, it is much better wear it loose or with relaxed hairstyles or with little tension or loosely.

Root to tip drying

One of the most common mistakes when washing and drying our hair is when using the dryer. If what we want is to have straight hair, we must avoid starting to dry from the ends. The force of the air will make the hair curl at the root, causing the annoying “frizz”. The best thing is that, once untangled wet, we proceed to dry it from the rootgetting a natural straightening.

If you usually suffer from frizzy hair, we recommend this other article on How to remove frizz from straight hair naturally.

Do not abuse irons

Although sometimes there is no choice but to use the iron to have soft and smooth hair, in the case of curly hair, it is best not to abuse this instrument since, no matter how many products and protection you use, in the long run it will end up damaging your hair and making it drier and more brittle.

In the following article we give you a series of tips on How to have straight hair without an iron.

Do not wash it more than necessary

Overwashing your hair ultimately weakens it and makes it look frizzy, brittle, and dull. For this reason, it is important to know how often it is convenient for us to wash it and also to know that it is better to spend a day or two without washing it than the other way around.

In the case of having greasy hairyou can get to wash it every day or one day yes and one day no, although be careful what products you use because you could cause the opposite effect. If you have the dry hairor more intermediate in terms of the speed of sebum production, you can wash it each three days but keep in mind to use masks or other treatments to hydrate it.

body hydration

Although it does not have to do directly with the hair, in the same way that we apply masks and moisturizing creams to the outside of our body, we must also get used to our interior being hydrated.

If you want your hair to look shiny and smooth, you should start with a good diet rich in natural fats and hydrate yourself. drinking enough water every day.

natural masks

As an extra after all these tips, we always have the option of resorting to masks or treatments to have shiny and soft hair with the smooth finish we were looking for. If we opt for this option, it is advisable to always prefer home remedies for smooth and soft hair that they are as natural as possible so that they are not aggressive with our scalp and with the hair fibers themselves, preventing the hair from being damaged in the long run. One of the homemade masks to straighten the hair is the face mask egg and milk. To do it you only need:

  • Put an egg in two cups of milk.
  • Mix everything so that there is a homogeneous mixture.
  • We must apply the mixture throughout the hair.
  • We cover them all with a towel that has a heat effect.
  • Let act for 10 minutes.
  • We rinse with plenty of warm water.
  • Untangle and dry from root to ends.
  • This is one of the masks that can help you have smooth and soft hair, but there are many more natural alternatives depending on your hair type. In general, it is recommended to use face masks once or twice a week and keep in mind that the day a mask is used, it is not advisable to also use the conditioner.

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