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6 habits that damage hair

Are you sure you take good care of your hair on a daily basis? On many occasions, actions or customs that apparently do not have much importan

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Are you sure you take good care of your hair on a daily basis? On many occasions, actions or customs that apparently do not have much importance are responsible for our hair not looking as good as it could, as they can cause problems such as dryness, lack of shine, loss of volume and elasticity, fragility, among many others. other things. Review your hair care routine and find out with the help of this OneHowTo article if you are giving your hair the attention it deserves to always be healthy and spectacular. In the following lines we show you 6 habits that damage hair more than you imagine and that you should correct them from now on.

Use dryers, irons and curling irons every day

This is one of the Habits that most damage hair and also one of the most women carry out daily. If you are one of those who use a dryer, iron or curling iron to comb your hair every day, you should know that this is highly detrimental to the health of your hair.

The reason is that the high temperatures to which the hair fibers are subjected, weaken them enormously and cause them to gradually lose their natural moisture, which in the long run will be reflected in a brittle, dry, coarse hair and very little stretch. In addition, the constant use of these heat devices will also affect the good growth of your hair and it will be much more difficult for you to wear long and beautiful hair.

Solution: If possible, let your hair air dry and avoid using a flat iron or curling iron, or at least try not to use these types of devices more than twice a week. When you are going to use them, previously apply a thermal protector all over your hair and regulate the temperature so that it is not too high.

Rinse hair with hot water

Although many of us love to take a shower or bath with very hot water and relax for a while, this is not a good ally for the health and beauty of our hair.

When very hot water hits the hair, the strands tend to dehydrate and the natural oils that protect it and keep it healthy begin to progressively disappear. These two things make hair is drier and it falls out in greater quantity, so it is a habit that you should also avoid at all costs during washing.

Solution: wash your hair with lukewarm water and make sure that the last rinse is with cold water, as this is ideal for closing the cuticles and giving your hair extra shine and softness.

Abuse of dyes or discolorations

Dye the hair may be fine to give a new look to our image and change look From time to time, however, when this aesthetic task is abused, it is important to be aware that it can be very damaging to the hair. Among other things, it dries it out, weakens it and reduces resistance and strength, which is why the hair can fall out more and grow much more slowly.

On the other hand, they are found the discolorations which are much more aggressive than dyes, since it is a chemical process that can mistreat and damage the hair in depth if it is done frequently or by inexperienced hands.

Solution: prefer natural hair dyes without too many chemical components such as ammonia, alcohol or parabens and apply a protector on the hair before dyeing it. Don’t subject your hair to more than 4 colorings a year and make sure that you always have them done by a professional stylist. In the following article, you can see good tips on how to take care of colored hair.

brush wet hair

Did you know that hair is much more fragile and weak when wet than dry? That’s right and another one habits that damage hairalthough unknown to many women, has to do with this.

Aside from rubbing or wringing it roughly with a towel right after washing, you shouldn’t brush wet or damp hair; you can detangle it but not brush it. If you use the brush when you get out of the shower, you will only be able to lift the cuticle that protects the hair, drying it out and weakening it.

Solution: gently untangle the hair and instead of a brush, use a wide-toothed comb, make the change and you will notice the big difference in no time.

Wearing very stretched hairstyles

The girls who usually or daily do very stretched or tight hairstyles, such as a ponytail, braid or bun with the front part combed, they must be very careful with this habit. And it is that this type of hairstyle creates excessive tension in the hair follicles, causing damage, weakness and even breakage. In addition, if you wear your hair very combed, you will also give way to headaches.

Solution: avoid holding your hair tightly or sleeping in pigtails, buns, and braids. Wear your hair loose or tied in looser and more casual pigtails or bows, which is also very fashionable now. look disheveled or style messy hair.

Don’t cut your ends

When hair doesn’t grow healthy and takes a long time to grow, chances are it’s crying out for a good cut. If you are wanting to show off long hair but your ends are split and brittle, it will not do you much good to avoid the moment of cutting them, because they will not be able to continue growing in a healthy and beautiful way and will remain at their current length. Do not be afraid of scissors and subject your hair to them when necessary if you want to eliminate all the damaged parts of the hair and make it look radiant and strong.

Solution: cut the ends at least once every 3 months and cut the hair earlier if you dye your hair frequently or if it is in direct contact with the color of the swimming pools or the sun’s rays.

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