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6 tricks to have long and beautiful hair

Do you want to show off a mane of infarction? So give your hair the care it needs! It is important that we use nutritious products that help u

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Do you want to show off a mane of infarction? So give your hair the care it needs! It is important that we use nutritious products that help us to strengthen our hair, to hydrate and nourish it intensely and, for this, in addition to using your usual shampoo, it is also recommended that you sign up for the use of different natural remedies with which to fill the hair with ideal vitamins and minerals to improve the appearance of your hair and ensure that it is in perfect condition. In this OneHowTo article we are going to give you 6 tricks to have long and beautiful hair with which you will be able to bring out the best part of you.

Essential oils for perfect hair

One of the best tips for long beautiful hair is that you start using essential oils from medicinal plants and that will help you to nourish it in depth and improve its appearance. Among the best oils to improve hair health, we highlight these three:

Coconut oil

It is a product that helps to deeply hydrate the hair fibers, nourishes them and restores their shine and gives them a silkier appearance. The reason is that it has a high content of vitamin E and, therefore, you will also be able to prevent the premature aging of your hair and reduce conditions such as excess sebum or dandruff. In this other article we tell you how to use coconut oil on your hair.

Olive oil

Another of the best products for have prettier hair It is olive oil, the one we normally use in the kitchen. It is the perfect ally since it is rich in vitamins A, E and C, in addition to providing us with many fatty acids that hydrate the hair in depth and repair it. If you apply a little to damp hair and perform a gentle massage, you will be able to activate blood circulation and, therefore, promote hair growth. In this other article we show you how to use olive oil on your hair.

Almonds oil

It is also one of the best products to revitalize and improve hair. It hydrates and repairs the hair, thus being ideal for the most damaged or dry hair. In addition, you will be able to reduce split ends and make your hair more silky, shiny and perfect.

An avocado mask for your hair

another form of power take care of your hair to the fullest and getting it to look in perfect condition is to take advantage of the benefits of avocado, a food rich in vitamin E and, therefore, it will regenerate the health of the hair but, in addition, it will nourish it in depth, repair the damage and promote its growth in a natural way. .

To do this, you just have to apply a avocado mask once a week and, over time, you will see how much more silky, shiny and healthy it is. To make this mask you will need:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Bowl or container
  • 2 tablespoons organic mayonnaise
  • shower cap
  • Hair comb
  • Towel

You must extract the pulp of the avocado and mash it to obtain a puree, then add the mayonnaise and mix all the ingredients. With damp hair, apply this paste to your hair, spreading it well over all areas and starting from the scalp until you reach the ends.

Next, give yourself a circular massage to stimulate blood flow and thus allow the ingredients to penetrate deeply. Gather your hair in a bun and cover it with a shower cap, let it act for 30 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Eat well for beautiful hair

It is also important to follow correct nutrition to be able to nourish our hair internally and, thus, give it the vitamins and minerals it needs to form and grow with the most valuable nutrients. Following a balanced, healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables is ideal for having long and beautiful hair, but there are also some food groups that are more suitable than others and, below, we will discover them for you:

  • Vitamin B: red meat, eggs, nuts, etc., are perfect for our hair
  • Iron: this mineral ensures that we have a shiny mane, therefore, you should start taking legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, etc., in your diet
  • Vitamin C: it is a vitamin full of antioxidants that manages to keep the hair in perfect condition and prevent it from aging prematurely. Kiwis, oranges or strawberries are rich in this nutrient
  • Vitamin E: it is one of the best nutrients for the hair because it repairs it, gives it elasticity and achieves an impeccable result

In addition to this, it is essential that you increase the consumption of liquids (water, above all) so that your hair is hydrated and shiny. You should drink at least 1.5 liters a day so that your hair is not dry or breaks easily.

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Beautiful hair thanks to aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera is also a perfect trick to have long and beautiful hair. The reason is that it is a plant that manages to strengthen the hair follicles and, therefore, encourage it to grow faster; It also has regenerating properties that will make your mistreated or damaged hair repair itself to look better than ever.

To take advantage of all these benefits you will have to prepare a hair mask with this plant and apply it once a week; Over time you will see significant improvements and you will get an incredible mane. To make the mask you will need:

Cut 3 or 4 leaves from your aloe vera plant and then cut them to extract the gel or pulp that we will find inside. This cut must be made longitudinally and, thus, we can more easily remove the gel from its interior, we can do it with a spoon and place it in a container. Add water and stir so that all the ingredients are integrated.

Next, wet your hair and apply the mixture with a gentle circular massage to activate blood flow, leave it to act for 15 minutes and then remove with plenty of water.

Rosemary, perfect for hair

Rosemary is also a home remedy for hair which will help it appear denser, grow faster and, in general, look healthier. This plant has properties that activate blood flow, thus making the nutrients better assimilated by the hair and, therefore, it grows faster and, above all, healthier.

To take advantage of these properties, all you have to do is prepare a rosemary infusion: boil some leaves of this plant and let them cook for 5 or 6 minutes; turn off the heat and strain the content to keep only the liquid and extract the rest of the plant.

With the infusion ready, wait for it to cool down a bit and then apply it to your hair with a circular massage so that its properties penetrate deeper. Let it act for 10 minutes and then rinse and wash your hair as you normally do. Repeat this procedure 1 or 2 times a week and you will notice the results!

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Head massage for shiny hair

And now, to finish with these tips for long beautiful hair We will tell you that, every time you wash it, try to stimulate it by massaging it with circular movements. This very simple trick (and that we always see in hairdressers) will help your hair to be much more nourished, hydrated and clean, therefore, it will look brighter and silkier.

We recommend that whenever you wash your hair and apply the shampoo or conditioner you perform this light massage, with 1 or 2 minutes you will have enough. In addition to improving your hair, you will also relax and feel better.

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