Beneficial foods for hair

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Beneficial foods for hair

to get a healthy and beautiful hair It is not only necessary to use cosmetic products adapted to your hair or cut the ends from time to time, but also

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to get a healthy and beautiful hair It is not only necessary to use cosmetic products adapted to your hair or cut the ends from time to time, but also to maintain a good feeding. Think that the properties of food help to strengthen, grow, stop the fall and give vitality to your hair. At we explain what are the most beneficial foods for your hair. With the necessary nutrients you will help keep your hair healthy. Before changing your cosmetics, look for a balanced diet. You will notice the difference!

Good foods with iron

For strengthen weak hair what better than consuming products that contain iron. Red meat, pork, chicken or fish are some of the foods that will help you reduce iron deficiency in your hair. You can also eat whole grains or green vegetables like spinach. Include these foods in your diet and you will get this mineral to add strength and shine to your hair.


Beneficial foods with Omega 3

Fatty acids give life to your hair, as well as giving it shine and a silkier appearance. If you notice that your hair is dry, taking Omega 3 may be the solution. Fish, especially tuna, sardines or salmon, are very rich in this nutrient. You will also find Omega 3 in dried fruits such as almonds or walnuts or other foods such as cucumbers, spinach or strawberries. Include them in your diet if you need to stimulate the growth of your hair and also give it more shine and softness.

Good foods with vitamin A

Vitamin A helps maintain healthy scalp sebum. If you find that your hair and roots are dry, we advise you to increase your intake of vitamin A. You will find it in many fruits and vegetables, although we advise you to eat carrots, tomatoes and eggs, above all. Improves the health of your scalp and eliminates the dryness of your hair.


Beneficial foods with vitamin B

If you want to prevent hair loss, we advise you to eat foods rich in vitamin B. Dried fruits, vegetables or cereals will help you achieve this, as well as red meat or some fish. However, we recommend that you increase your dairy intake to achieve stronger hair and prevent hair loss. You will notice!


Beneficial foods with vitamin C

Vitamin C will help prevent dehydration of your hair. You will find this vitamin in citrus fruits or reddish and orange vegetables. Vitamin C will be a great complement to the consumption of proteins, minerals and other vitamins such as A and B. Include these foods in your diet to benefit your hair.


Good foods with folic acid

The folic acid protect your hair from outdoor exposures or sunlight. Chickpeas or lentils are rich in this mineral. You can also find it in orange juice, sweet corn, tomato, melon or bananas. Don’t forget to use the right products to protect your hair from sun exposure. These foods will also be a good complement for your hair to be healthy and protected.

Good foods with zinc

The zinc It is an ideal mineral to renew cells. For this reason, all the products that contain it will be beneficial to maintain a healthy hair and enhance their growth. In addition, zinc helps delay the appearance of gray hair, pigmenting the hair strand. Increase your zinc intake through eggs, red meat and fish, as well as oysters and cheese. It will be great for you!

Beneficial foods with selenium

Selenium acts as a great antioxidant, in addition to giving your hair more elasticity and combating the symptoms of dandruff. If you need to remedy these hair problems, increase your consumption of fresh pasta, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, garlic or celery. In order for selenium to be properly absorbed in your body, it is advisable to consume fruits rich in vitamin C after having eaten a food with selenium. Test it!

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