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Benefits of COCONUT OIL for HAIR

Coconut, and especially its oil and milk, has been used in cooking for a long time due to its great flavor and texture. However, in recent tim

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Coconut, and especially its oil and milk, has been used in cooking for a long time due to its great flavor and texture. However, in recent times, coconut oil has also been used in cosmetics, both for skin and hair. However, is coconut oil really good for hair? Or, on the contrary, have we been using a product that is harmful to our hair all this time?

That is why, in this Great Looking Hair article, we have found it necessary to clarify that yes, this natural product is very good for hair. Therefore, below, we will talk about the benefits of coconut oil for hair.

Benefits and properties of coconut oil for hair

The use of coconut oil in our body or hair has gone from being a fad to becoming a reality. But before deciding if coconut oil is good for your hair or not, let’s see the benefits of this plant-based fat for your hair:

  • Repair damaged hair: coconut oil, in addition to repairing split ends and damaged hair, strengthens the hair roots.
  • hydrates it: Coconut oil, due to its texture and its components, acts as a natural moisturizer, which is perfect for dry, oily or damaged hair.
  • Untangle the hair: Similarly, coconut oil is a great help in untangling the most difficult and dry hair.
  • prevents lice: Coconut oil not only fights lice, but also prevents them, unlike conventional products, which only treat their appearance. This is because the fatty acids in coconut oil are toxic to these insects.
  • antimicrobial propertiesDue to this, coconut oil naturally reduces excess sebum from oily hair, as well as helping to eliminate dandruff.
  • Protects the skin and scalp: Coconut oil is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, so they protect and keep the scalp and skin healthy.

If you want more information, in the following article on Benefits of coconut oil for hair you will find everything you are looking for.

Coconut oil for wet or dry hair?

One of the main doubts when using this product is how should coconut oil be used, whether with wet or dry hair. The truth is that it can be used in both ways, depending on the reason for which it is used, as we will see below. Nevertheless, with a little moisture prior, coconut oil will slide better through our hair.

Keep reading if you want to know how to use coconut oil if you have oily, curly hair, or if, on the contrary, you want to make it grow or prevent it from falling out.

Coconut oil for oily hair

If we have oily hair, coconut oil is a great ally due to the multiple properties and benefits that we have seen in the previous section.

How to use coconut oil for oily hair

To use it for this purpose, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Apply some coconut oil on your scalp and massage it gently.
  • Afterwards, let it act for about 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Then wash your hair as you normally would to remove any traces of coconut oil.
  • Ideally, you should repeat this process for a few weeks, until you see that the dandruff and greasy appearance of your hair begins to change. However, it is important don’t use a lot of coconut oilsince otherwise you would make your hair even more greasy.

    coconut oil for curly hair

    People with curly hair tend to suffer from frizz very often. Even if they do not like their type of hair for aesthetics or comfort, they tend to straighten it frequently. However, the abuse of dryers, irons or dyes can damage and dry hair Very easily.

    That is why, using a few drops of coconut oil after washing and untangling the hair, it will help you comb it now. fight frizzwithout the need to use other products such as gel, foam or lacquer.

    You may also be interested in this other article on How to straighten hair with coconut oil to achieve a better result.

    coconut oil for hair growth

    Coconut oil, because it strengthens the hair root, can make the hair grow faster and stronger, not to mention that the shine of your hair will also be more than remarkable. Normally we have the feeling that our hair does not grow because it is lacking in nutrients or because it is mistreated (although in the case of curly hair, it is already more difficult to see the progress of our hair).

    When our hair does not grow too much, the appearance of our hair is also duller and duller than normal. When this happens, add a few drops of coconut oil to your regular shampoo and, after a few weeks, you will notice the difference.

    coconut oil for hair loss

    Hair loss can be due to many factors, such as stress, hormonal changes or poor diet. However, it is often due to a poor hair care. Therefore, an infallible method to stop hair loss is to use, once again, coconut oil.

    On this occasion, however, we will need the coconut oil to penetrate deep into the roots of our hair, so the best thing will be slightly heat the coconut oil, but without burning. Once the ideal temperature is reached, it must be applied correctly throughout the hair, massaging the scalp thoroughly. After this, we will put on a shower cap and leave it like that all night.

    Ideally do this once or twice a week for about a month. However, if hair loss is abundant, it is best to go to the doctor to diagnose your problem and remedy it. You may also be interested in this other article on How to treat and prevent hair loss.

    Contraindications of coconut oil for hair

    No contraindications or side effects are known to date, both ingested and applied to the body. Therefore, we could say that coconut oil is completely harmless to the body.

    On the other hand, despite not having contraindications, we must not forget that everything in excess can be bad, like what we mentioned in the case of greasy hair. Everything in its proper measure is beneficial, but sometimes abusing it can be a bad idea.

    So is coconut oil good for hair?

    Coconut oil is a 100% natural and vegetable product, so it does not contain most of the chemicals found in conventional shampoos or conditioners. Since, in addition, there are no known contraindications or side effects to date for coconut oil, we can say with total certainty that coconut oil is good for hair.

    In any case, whenever you buy coconut oil, make sure that the product is totally natural, that is, that has not been treated with chemicals or altered in any way, since then its properties could be lost, and even its chemicals could be counterproductive for our hair.

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