Benefits of collagen for hair

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Benefits of collagen for hair

Dull, dull, broken hair... If you feel that your hair is losing all its essence, that it recovers slowly from external factors such as the sun

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Dull, dull, broken hair… If you feel that your hair is losing all its essence, that it recovers slowly from external factors such as the sun or that it is damaged by the daily use of irons or dryers, pay attention to the following article from We offer you an infallible cosmetic product so that your hair easily recovers its vitality. Next, we present the benefits of collagen, a remedy that will nourish your hair and give it firmness, body and softness. Recover the beauty of your hair!

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Did you know that collagen is a protein? This product is highly beneficial thanks to its composition, so you should know that it is not only used for hair, but can also be used in other parts of the body, as it helps rebuild our cells. Approximately 25% of our body is made up of these proteins, therefore, the use of collagen to give firmness and elasticity to the skin, muscles, bones or nails is a perfect solution.


Before starting a collagen hair treatment, you must know how this product works. As we have said before, collagen is used in multiple body parts. In the hair, specifically, it is in charge of providing firmness, smoothness, softness, elasticity and body. Remember that our body already has this protein naturally, but that it can be lost as a result of age or external factors such as sun exposure, wind, the use of a dryer and/or iron or aggressive hair treatments (dyes, highlights , discoloration, perms…).


With a lack of collagen, the hair weakens, dulls, becomes brittle, breaks easily, loses its shine, its softness and can even fall out. Therefore, it is very important that collagen continues to do its job and provides your hair with the necessary nutrients to keep it alive, beautiful and healthy.


The collagen supplements They are ideal substitutes for the natural one and will help you improve the hair appearance. This cosmetic will work on the surface and, at the same time, penetrate to the root of the cuticles and the scalp to restore the good appearance of your hair. The nutrition and regeneration These are the two great benefits that collagen can provide you to increase the health of your hair.


You can find collagen supplements as masks, serums or shampoos. Currently, in addition, in multiple hairdressing salons you can carry out specific treatments with collagen or keratin, which will help improve the health and appearance of your hair, restoring shine, softness and strength. Likewise, there are also pills that contain collagen that are perfect to also improve the health of your nails, bones or muscles. Remember that collagen is still a protein with nutritional and regenerating benefits.


In addition to cosmetic products, you can take care of your hair with collagen in a natural way. For example, avoiding sun exposure or permanent contact with wind or sand. Also keeping a healthy and balanced diet in which you also introduce foods such as algae, nuts, milk or soups. We advise you to consult the article How to take collagen to find out which ingredients are the ones that will help you increase the production of this protein in the body.


Give life to your hair through collagen, a protein that will regenerate and nourish your hair so that it restores its lost strength, firmness and shine. It will become an essential product for your hair care!

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