Recognize the Causes and 4 Ways to Overcome Dry Lips

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Recognize the Causes and 4 Ways to Overcome Dry Lips

  Dry lips can not only interfere with appearance, but can also be a sign of health problems. To overcome this, there are ways to deal with dr

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Dry lips can not only interfere with appearance, but can also be a sign of health problems. To overcome this, there are ways to deal with dry lips that you can try, either through external or internal treatments.

Unlike other parts of the body’s skin, the skin on the lips tends to be sensitive because it does not have melanin, which is a skin coloring pigment that protects the skin from the sun.

Lip skin also does not have glands that can produce natural lubricants to moisturize it. This is what causes the lips to dry more easily than other parts of the skin.

Various Causes of Dry Lips

Dry lips can be caused by various factors, ranging from daily habits and environmental factors. The following are some of the causes:


Not only the skin of the body that must be protected from the sun, but also the lips. If not protected, exposure to UV rays from the sun can also make lips dry and even blister.

Lip licking habit

When your lips are dry, you will subconsciously lick your lips with the intention of wetting them so they don’t dry out. In fact, this habit actually makes lips drier.

This is because the enzyme content in saliva can actually remove the natural moisture of the lips.

PMoisturizing lips with flavoring

Lip balms with flavorings, such as strawberries, cherries, or oranges, do have a nice scent. However, applying a moisturizer with flavoring can actually cause your lips to dry out, because it can trigger you to wet your lips repeatedly, making them dry and chapped.

Irritative chemicals

Some people can experience dry lips when exposed to irritating chemicals. Irritation can cause the skin of the lips to be damaged and inflamed so that they dry out easily. These ingredients are commonly found in dyes, perfumes, or harsh soaps.

Use of drugs

Consumption of certain drugs or supplements can also trigger dry and chapped lips, including vitamin A, retinoids, lithium, corticosteroids, and cancer drugs.

The habit of biting metal objects

Some people have a habit of biting paper clips, hair clips, iron straws, and metal jewelry. Well, if you are one of them, try to stop the habit, because it can worsen the condition of dry lips.

In addition to the things above, certain medical conditions can also cause dry lips, such as dehydration, lack of iron and B vitamins, infections, autoimmune conditions, and allergies.

How to Overcome Dry Lips

Dry lips can be overcome easily, namely by living a healthy lifestyle which includes:

1. Meet your fluid needs by drinking water

Adequate fluid needs are very important to prevent the body from becoming dehydrated or dehydrated. This condition can be characterized by various symptoms and one of them is dry lips. Well, by drinking water regularly, you will also avoid dry lips.

2. Consume foods rich in B vitamins

Deficiency of B vitamins can cause irritation of the lip margins (angular cheilitis). Therefore, eating foods rich in B vitamins, such as eggs, meat, fish, tempeh, tofu, green leafy vegetables, and brown rice, can overcome the dry lips that you experience.

3. Use lip balm

Lips do not have oil glands, so they cannot moisturize themselves. Therefore, it is important to use lip balm every day, especially when doing activities outside the home. Use lip balm with SPF to prevent chapped lips from sun exposure

You can also use lip balm products that contain petroleum. cocoa butter, shea butterolive oil, coconut oil, or beeswax. In addition, choose a lip balm without fragrance and flavoring.

4. Keep the air moist

Dry air is one of the causes of dry lips. If the air around you feels dry to the point that it causes dry skin and lips, you can try using a humidifier or humidifier to keep the air moist.

How to deal with dry lips can be started with a variety of simple ways above. However, if dry and chapped lips do not improve after a few days, consult a dermatologist to get the right treatment.