Common mistakes when caring for hair

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Common mistakes when caring for hair

In the struggle to have the ideal hair, many times we resort to masks, treatments, colors, cuts, home remedies and, despite all that, we still

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In the struggle to have the ideal hair, many times we resort to masks, treatments, colors, cuts, home remedies and, despite all that, we still do not notice a favorable change. The truth is take care of hair It is not an easy task, because what works for one hair may not work for another. However, there are some common mistakes when caring for hair, things that we do in our day to day and that we do not imagine that directly affect our hair health. Do you want to meet them? In this OneHowTo article, we tell you what they are.

Steps to follow:


Among the common mistakes when caring for hair is do not detangle it before washing it. It may seem unnecessary and many people think, why untangle it if it is going to get tangled with the shampoo? Well, quite the opposite. Detangling your hair before washing it allows the hair to be more manageable during the wash and, therefore, it does not form as many knots, it prevents it from breaking easily and it can be untangled more easily after the shower.


Another common mistake is do not use any heat protectant when you iron or dry your hair. High temperature is one of the main enemies of capillary health, since the heat penetrates the strand and causes the hair to wither, burn and lose its shine and elasticity. Protect your hair from heat with a protective cream.


Did you know that the correct way to dry your hair after washing it is with a cloth like the cotton? It turns out that the texture of the cloths is very aggressive for the health of your hair, so when drying it, it may break more easily. Avoid this by drying your wet hair with an old flannel.


wash your hair every day It is another of the most common mistakes when caring for hair. The scalp produces natural oils that moisturize the hair, give it shine, softness and vitality. The best way to take advantage of this natural beautifying process is to alternate washing: every other day. In this way, your hair will absorb all the natural nutrients offered by your body and combat dryness. In the following article you can see more details on the question of how often should I wash my hair.


Not using shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type is another common mistake when caring for hair. when you use specialized products for your hair, you offer the strands the nutrients and specific attention they need to stay healthy. Don’t buy just any product, buy the one your hair needs.


Not detangling your hair properly can be another common hair care mistake. And it is that he remembers that the hair must unravel from bottom to top to carefully remove the knots from the ends and allow the brush to glide better from the root to the end.


don’t cut your hair it is a capillary sin. When you cut the ends of your hair, the natural oils produced by your scalp moisturize the entire strand more easily and your hair looks healthier. Ideally, you should cut your hair every two months to keep the ends healthy.

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