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Egg and olive oil hair mask

Do you want to show off soft and radiant hair? Our hair is exposed daily to different harmful agents such as the abuse of dryers or irons, dye

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Do you want to show off soft and radiant hair? Our hair is exposed daily to different harmful agents such as the abuse of dryers or irons, dyes with an excess of chemical substances, the pollution found in the air of our city, the sun’s rays and even a diet poor in vitamins and minerals. . All this affects the health of the hair fibers, resulting in weak, dry and brittle hair. However, if this is your case, there is still time to restore the vitality of your hair in an economical and simple way: homemade hair masks.

In the following Great Looking Hair article we explain how to do one of the best treatments for damaged and brittle hair: the egg and olive oil hair mask. Keep reading these lines and discover the excellent hair properties that this home remedy has.

Properties of the egg for hair

The egg is a great food that we should include in any healthy diet. But, in addition, it is an excellent ingredient for many hair treatments due to its richness in different nutrients such as proteins, minerals (including iron and selenium) and vitamins (A, B5, B12, D and E). All this nutritional richness makes these the properties of the egg for hair:

  • Its richness in some vitamins, especially in B12 or biotin, provides excellent stimulating properties They help speed up hair growth. In addition, as a consequence, it slows down and prevents hair loss. Here you can read about How to grow hair with egg.
  • The egg is a food with a high protein content, which gives it properties that strengthen the hair fibers. Thus, hair grows stronger and thicker and, in addition, it improves its resistance and prevents it from breaking so easily, especially at the ends.
  • It has powerful moisturizing and nourishing properties that deeply hydrate our hair and makes it look softer, more radiant and silky. In addition, this benefit is especially useful for dry and damaged hair, since the egg helps it grow back in a healthy way.
  • It is also an excellent treatment for those hairs that tend to be oily, since it has astringent properties that regulate excess sebum on the scalp. These properties also make it a good remedy for other hair problems such as dandruff.

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Properties of olive oil for hair

Another natural product that is often used in different hair masks due to its richness in vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids is olive oil. Below, we list some of the properties and benefits of olive oil for hair:

  • Its richness in fatty acids make it a powerful natural moisturizer that helps us to deeply moisturize the capillary fibers of the hair, which is especially suitable for damaged and dry hair.
  • It has a high content of vitamin E, which gives it excellent properties that stimulate and accelerate the healthy hair growth and strong.
  • Its contribution in vitamin C increases the production of collagen in the hair fibers. As a consequence, our hair becomes much thicker, denser and more abundant.
  • It has amazing regenerative properties that help repair those split and dry ends. In this way, we get the ends to be fully hydrated again and, as a consequence, they do not break so easily.
  • Lastly, olive oil is a good remedy to reduce hair frizz due to its moisturizing properties. As a result, we get much softer and easier to manage hair.

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How to make an egg and olive oil hair mask

Now that we know the properties and benefits of both natural ingredients for hair care, we can go on to make an egg and olive oil mask for the hair. To make this home remedy correctly you will need the following quantities and steps to follow:


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Preparation and treatment

  • Open the two eggs and add only their yolks to a bowl or container, as this is the part that contains the most fat and protein, ideal for making a repairing mask for very dry hair.
  • However, if your scalp tends to be very oily, instead of using the yolks, add the whites of the two eggs to the bowl, as this part helps reduce excess sebum on the scalp.
  • When you have the yolks or egg whites in the bowl, the next step is to add the two tablespoons of olive oil and beat the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • In case your hair is very long and thick, add one more tablespoon of olive oil. However, if your hair is very short, you will only need to add a tablespoon of this ingredient.
  • When we have the homemade egg and olive oil mask ready, you will have to moisten your hair a little before proceeding to apply it.
  • When your hair is damp, apply the home remedy from the root of the hair to the ends. If your ends are very damaged or dry, you will need to add more mix to this area.
  • Once you have applied the mask all over your hair, you will have to let it act for 20 minutes and then wash your hair in the usual way.
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