GRENETINE for HAIR – Benefits and How to use it

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GRENETINE for HAIR – Benefits and How to use it

Hair is one of our most important letters of introduction, because although we often ignore its proper care and unconsciously damage it with ba

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Hair is one of our most important letters of introduction, because although we often ignore its proper care and unconsciously damage it with bad habits, few things help us to better define our personality and our style.

If you are reading this and you are looking for a homemade but really effective mask that allows you to have stronger, smoother and shinier hair, you have come to the right place! At Great Looking Hair we want to talk to you about the incredible benefits of gelatin, a fabulous ingredient to improve the health and appearance of your hair. Ready to learn more about the gelatin for hair: benefits and how to use it? Take note, because we share all the details of this unknown home remedy with you.

What is hydrolyzed gelatin and what is it for?

Hydrolyzed gelatin is a collagen-rich substance that comes from animal tissues and that we find in a large number of products for the care of hair, face and even nails. The gelatin, also known as colorless and flavorless gelatin, has minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are most beneficial for our body. These are some of the benefits of hydrolyzed gelatin:

  • firms the skin: gelatin has elasticizing and toning properties that firm the skin and restores much of the flexibility lost over the years. If you want to discover more information about the benefits of gelatin on the facein this other Great Looking Hair article we explain how to make a gelatin mask for wrinkles, sagging and the appearance of abundant expression lines.
  • hardens nails: thanks to the high levels of collagen in gelatin, this substance is also ideal for repairing and strengthening nails naturally.
  • Strengthens the hair: in addition to collagen, gelatin also has perfect antioxidant properties to combat free radicals and strengthen the hair fiber.
  • Hydrates in depth: Whether you want to combat dry skin or your hair looks dry and dull, gelatin, thanks to its nutrients, is the ideal solution. The moisturizing properties of this substance penetrate the tissues of the body and soften the skin and hair, providing a more natural and healthy texture.
  • Benefits the state of the bones: in the same way that collagen is capable of benefiting the state of the skin and hair, the bones are also greatly benefited by the natural contribution of collagen from this substance, since it is responsible for keeping the different structures of the body together . In addition, gelatin has perfect anti-inflammatory properties for people who suffer from joint problems.
  • favors teeth: As with bones, the properties of gelatin not only strengthen our teeth but also help eliminate toxins and bacteria from our mouths.

Benefits of gelatin for hair

Although we have already seen some of the general benefits of gelatin, below we will take a more detailed look at the benefits of gelatin for hair. Still don’t know why you should give your hair the luxury of repairing itself with this substance? We show you:

  • Helps to add volume: This protein-rich substance provides hair with the nutrients and hydration it needs to grow strong and healthy. The amino acids contained in gelatin are essential for hair care, and that is why after applying this treatment, the hair tissue regenerates and recovers its volume.
  • Regenerates hair fibers: poor hair care damages our hair fibers. However, the use of gelatin offers an increase in hydroxypolin that helps repair damaged fibers, something that we must thank to the action of collagen.
  • Heals the ends: one of the most common problems that affect our hair is split ends. The use of gelatin favors the hair cells due to its moisturizing effects, thus repairing damaged ends and offering a smoother appearance.
  • Moisturizes and adds shine: as we have already seen, by applying gelatin to the hair we favor its hydration and supply large amounts of protein to the hair tissue, so our hair looks healthier and brighter.
  • Replace harmful products: We often use products or treatments that drastically damage our hair. Gelatin, in addition to having natural components, is a substance without adverse effects (unless, of course, it is used very often, since it could end up drying out the hair), so it can serve as a substitute treatment for other chemical products. and harmful.
  • Combats hair loss: this is one of the most important benefits of gelatin in the hair, since it helps to strengthen its fibers and heal the most damaged ones. This also benefits hair growth, because by rebuilding the hair fibers they grow with less difficulty. If you want more information on How to prevent hair loss, do not miss this other article.

Lastly, and although it is not directly beneficial for the hair, it is worth mentioning that gelatin is a very easy product to obtain, since it can be bought at any supermarket, in confectionery stores or even online.

How to make a gelatin hair mask

In the case of the best applications of gelatin for the skin, there is nothing better than a gelatin and honey mask. However, here is a mask to repair damaged hair that will allow you to see good results in a short time.


  • A tablespoon of unflavored gelatin (grenetine)
  • A cup of warm water
  • One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 5 drops of rosemary oil or coconut oil (optional)


  • Put the water to heat in a saucepan over low heat (without boiling).
  • When hot, add the gelatin and stir well until all the lumps disappear.
  • Next, add the apple cider vinegar and the drops of rosemary or coconut oil. Do not stop stirring at any time.
  • Finally, remove the saucepan from the heat and let it rest until it cools down a bit.
  • Application

  • Apply the mask all over freshly washed hair, from the roots to the ends and not forgetting the inside of the hair.
  • If your hair is very damaged, we recommend covering it with a shower cap so that the heat helps the ingredients to penetrate better.
  • Let the mask sit on your hair for about 15 minutes.
  • Finally, remove with plenty of warm water.
  • We recommend you to use this treatment once every 15 days to achieve the desired effect. In addition, we advise you not to abuse dryers, irons or other products that can mistreat the hair, especially before and after treatment with gelatin. Also avoid, if you can, excessive exposure to the sun and keep in mind that a balanced diet It is essential for your hair to look healthy and strong. In fact, here we leave you a list of beneficial foods for hair.

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