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Hairstyles for afro hair – men

afro hair It has certain characteristics that may make you think that perhaps it does not offer many options for styling. Being very thick and

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afro hair It has certain characteristics that may make you think that perhaps it does not offer many options for styling. Being very thick and dry, it tends to split easily, especially at the ends, so it requires some care. However, it is hair that, precisely because of its strength, allows the creation of a diversity of styles and that, in addition, these can be maintained for many hours.

For those who enjoy styling their hair in a creative way and are not afraid to go out of the way, at OneHowTo.com we share some hairstyles for afro hair in men.

Image: manlycurls.com

Fade style for men with afro hair

One of the hairstyles for men with curly or Afro hair is the hairstyle fadewhich is a haircut that goes from the shortest to the longest hair, shaving the back and the sides, leaving something longer only the upper part, which gives a fade or “vanished” which makes it also known in this way. The same technique can be applied to Afro hair, either respecting the original trend or cutting the top part a little more. The important thing in this style is that you see a gradient effect in which you can see how the hair goes from more on the top of the head to less as it goes down to the sides and back. This last option is especially useful for those who are not lovers of combing their hair daily.

Image: therighthairstyles.com

mohawk for afro hair

By shaving both sides of the head and wearing the rest of the hair long in the shape of a well marked crestyou already have a traditional mohican hairstyle. If you like the style but want something less aggressive, you can ask them not to cut it so much on the sides and to lower your afro even more, yes, you have to notice the difference between the sides and the top of the head for the the cut is not uniform. Being well marked the difference between the short part and the long part is what distinguishes a Mohican from a fade.

Image: therighthairstyles.com

Rasta style for afro hair

One of the most common hairstyles for afro hair in men are dreadlocks, although they can also be done on any type of hair. If you have short dreadlocks and want to style them differently, you can try the Mohican, as you will only cut the ones that go on the sides while the ones on top will stay. If, on the other hand, you have never worn dreadlocks and would like to experiment, this is how to do them:

  • Separate your hair into sections from the root.
  • Entangle each strand by running a comb from the bottom to the root.
  • Take a strand and wrap it to one side, then divide it into two sections and pull them all the way to the root, something similar to a knot should form. If so, repeat the procedure until you reach the tip of the strand.
  • Once you have done the procedure with all the strands, take a knitting hook or a toothpick and insert the hair that has been left out.
  • Rub your dreadlocks with your hands, this way you finish compacting the protruding hair.
  • To wash them, it will be enough with the water and soap from the daily bathroom. You must keep the roots clean and hydrated, for which you can use coconut soap, which has moisturizing properties.

    braids in afro hairs

    the braids they are one of the most useful styles, since regardless of the type of hair, they help keep it tidy and combed for a long time, that is why it is one of the most common hairstyles for Afro hair, both in men and women. Depending on the length, braids can be worn close to the head, known as sewn braidsand allow you to play with different shapes with the lines that form along the scalp.

  • If the hair is longer, loose braids can be made, which will be similar to wearing dreadlocks but the execution is much easier:
  • Separate clean hair into thin sections.
  • Separate each strand into three sections from the root.
  • Intertwine each strand, passing the right strand over the center first.
  • Now the right strand has become the center strand.
  • Then pass the left strand through the center and so on.
  • You must tighten the strand very well so that the braid does not loosen.
  • When you reach the tip, you can hold it with a hair tie or rubber band that is thin and dark so that it is not as noticeable.
  • If you are not very good with manual skills, you can have them done at the hairdresser in a practical way and with good results.

    Afro hair care

    Like other types of hair, Afro hair deserves care and here we share some useful tips for take care of afro hair:

  • Wash your hair twice a week: it is not necessary to wash it as often as it is very dry hair.
  • Use an alcohol-free, pH-balanced shampoo to encourage the production of natural oils. If the shampoo has an oil such as coconut, olive or jojoba as an ingredient, much better.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner and then apply a massage with a natural oil of your choice, to stimulate and moisturize the scalp.
  • When you finish washing it, let it dry naturally.
  • Use wide bristle combs. If the bristles are too close together you will mistreat your hair.
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