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Home remedies for split ends

Most women, and more and more men, like to be able to sport long, beautiful hair. However, the longer the hair, the easier it is for the hatef

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Most women, and more and more men, like to be able to sport long, beautiful hair. However, the longer the hair, the easier it is for the hateful split ends to appear, which split at the end of the hair, detracting from what could be a magnificent mane.

Another drawback of split ends, beyond the aesthetic, is that it is a symptom that something is wrong with the hair; either there is not a correct hydration or there is not a good care. As a consequence of this, the only solution that many women find is to cut their hair, having to start the long cycle again for it to grow again.

At OneHowTo.com we want to help you, which is why in this article we will explain which are the best home remedies for split endsso you can show off beautiful, healthy and shiny hair without having to leave the house or get expensive treatments.

milk moisturizing cream

You can do it in two different ways, either with moisturizing creams that already contain milk or by making it yourself by mixing half a cup of milk -preferably whole- with a tablespoon of moisturizer that you usually use.

It seems strange, but its usefulness is really surprising: When you get out of the shower, after having washed your hair, use the cream that you apply all over your body to moisturize your skin, but this time putting a little on the ends of your hair , in this way it you will hydrate and strengthencombating split and open ends.

Rosemary and egg shampoo

Another of the home remedies for split ends is a rosemary and egg shampoo that you can make yourself at home.

To do it you must boil a handful of rosemary leavesbetween 10 and 15 and beat an egg in hot water. When the rosemary has infused and the egg is beaten, mix the two liquids, apply it to the split ends and let it take effect for at least 20 minutes. Another way is to use it directly like shampoo, massaging your hair with it for 10 minutes. For it to take effect you must do this treatment a couple of times a week.

beer bath

Beer is not only our best ally when it comes to cooling off and having a good time, this drink, taken in moderation, has many properties that we can take advantage of, even to solve our hair problems and split ends.

To make this homemade treatment you only need a can of beer, which is not cold, and apply the liquid for split ends. Once the hair is already soaked cover it with a hat, so that with time and heat, hydrate and heal your hair. Do not remove the hat until after 20 minutes.

olive oil for hair

How many oils do you know for hair? A simple visit to the supermarket or any specialized store is enough to see that there are innumerable oils with properties for hair care, so why not use the original?

Olive oil can be an excellent home remedy for split ends, it is also a product that everyone has at home and is very simple to prepare. you just have to warm up half a cup of olive oil and spread it over the ends, leaving it to act overnight. Obviously we recommend cover your hair with a hat so as not to stain the pillow.

When you wake up you will simply have to wash your hair as you normally do, and after a few days, you will notice how your hair is hydrated and strengthened.

And if not, avocado

If you don’t have olive oil, don’t worry, you can carry out the same treatment but with another type of oil, also 100% natural.

The avocado or the avocado is a very oily fruit and with wonderful properties for your body, as well as for your hair. If you grind it up and apply on the tips twice a week for a couple of months you will notice a substantial change in the health of your hair.

Honey and egg mask

Another of the small multipurpose that nature offers us is honey, one of the natural remedies that we use for almost everything. With honey and egg you can make a hair mask that can be used to repair and prevent the appearance of split or split ends.

To do it you must beat an egg yolk for 5 minutes, only the yolk, with honey. It is important that it is well beaten, you should not stop until you get a kind of paste with a thick texture. Once you have it, apply this honey and egg-based cream to your hair, just after rinsing the shampoo and before using the conditioner.

Cleaning with butter vinegar and lemon

This natural remedy for split ends is a bit more complicated and tough than the previous ones, it also requires more time, but the results it gives are incredible and it is worth trying it. The steps to follow are those:

  • apply Butter at the end of the hair and leave it like this for 15 minutes to take effect.
  • Mixture half a glass of vinegar, a tablespoon of natural lemon juice and half a liter of warm water.
  • wash your hair with the mixture of lemon, vinegar and water. Do it carefully, being especially careful that you don’t have any butter left.
  • once clean wash your hair againthis time the way you normally do.
  • Tips to prevent split ends

    So far we have explained what are the home remedies for split ends, now we want to give you some advices so that you use them in your day to day and thus you can prevent your ends from splitting.

    • if you cut your hair every 3 monthseven a little, you will prevent your ends from splitting and, in the long run, you will be able to have it longer.
    • Get yourself a treatment hydration every two weeksyou can use any of the methods for split ends that we have explained to you.
    • It is very important to drink between 1 and 2 liters of water daily, in addition to being necessary for your body, it will help you keep your hair properly hydrated.
    • Use the dryer as little as possible, it is always preferable that you leave it air dry.
    • Use a small amount of shampoo, some of its chemical products can damage the natural protection that your hair produces by itself.
    • when you dry your hair with the towel do not rub itjust squeeze gently.
    • uses wooden combs instead of plastic combs.

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