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How and WHEN to cut the ENDS OF THE HAIR so that it grows

Beautiful, healthy hair is something that many women desire. However, getting a mane to look healthy It is more complicated than it seems, sin

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Beautiful, healthy hair is something that many women desire. However, getting a mane to look healthy It is more complicated than it seems, since there are many factors that influence its growth and that can punish your hair: dyes, frequent ironing, a diet deficient in vitamins, the incorrect use of shampoos or other products, etc.

To remedy damage and hair problems such as dehydration or dryness of your hair, one of the solutions that exist is to go to the hairdresser from time to time to cleanse the hair fibers. But you know how and when to cut the ends of the hair so that it grows healthy and strong? In the following Great Looking Hair article, we will solve all your doubts about the necessary care to achieve beautiful and resistant hair.

When to cut the ends of the hair so that it grows

if you wonder when to cut the ends of the hair so that it grows, before going to the hairdresser you should know that trimming your hair will NOT make it grow faster. Surely you have heard someone say that the shorter you cut the hair, the more it grows. However, we have to tell you that this is totally false, since the frequency with which you cut it will never influence the speed of its growth.

What you will achieve by trimming your hair from time to time is that it grows much healthier and stronger, since with each cut you will be eliminating the damaged ends in their entirety. Once this has been clarified, specialists usually give the following recommendations on when to cut the ends of the hair:

  • If you want your hair to grow in a healthy way, it is recommended that you go to the hairdresser every 3 months.
  • On the other hand, if you frequently use dyes or other products that severely damage the hair, it is convenient that you cut your ends approximately every 2 months.
  • If, on the other hand, you are one of those who expressly care for your hair and frequently use specific masks for your hair fibers, thermal protectors or other suitable products, you can cut your hair every 4-6 months as long as you do not notice your ends damaged.

How to cut the ends of the hair so that it grows faster

As we have already indicated in the previous section, the how and when will not influence growth rate of your hair, but it will make your hair grow in a healthy way. That said, it is also true that there are people who believe that the lunar phases influence both the appearance and growth of hair. Next, we will explain how to cut hair according to the belief of the lunar phases:

  • New moon: in this phase it is not advisable to make haircuts, since according to this theory, cuts during the new moon would cause the fibers to weaken.
  • First quarter: when the half of the moon is visible, it will be an ideal time to cut the ends of your hair, since this phase will make grow much faster. However, if you decide to cut your hair at this stage, you must go to the hairdresser from 12 noon to 6 pm.
  • Full moon: if your hair is quite damaged and mistreated, this lunar phase will be the most suitable for cutting the ends of your hair, as it will make it grow much stronger and brighter. However, it will always be more appropriate to do it between 6 and 12 noon.
  • Last quarter: if you have a hair with too much volume, you will have to cut your hair during this phase to slow down its growth. As with the full moon, it is also advisable to cut it between 6 in the morning and 12 noon.

If you have been interested in this information, do not miss this article on When to cut your hair according to the Moon. You will be able to discover the best benefits for your hair according to the lunar phase in which it is.

How much hair can grow in a month

many people wonder how much hair can grow in a month. Generally, if your hair is healthy and you do not have any genetic or health problems that affect the growth of hair fibers, hair usually grows daily around 0.4 millimeters. Therefore, taking into account that each week the hair will grow about 2.8 millimeters, over a month the hair fibers will have grown approximately 1.12 centimeters. If you want to know more exactly how much hair grows per month, do not miss this detailed article.

However, if your hair does not grow to a figure close to the previous one, it is probably for one of these reasons:

  • poor hair care
  • Aggressive hair treatments such as dyes and straightening
  • Lack of moisture or hydration
  • Excessive use of irons and/or dryers
  • Using unsuitable shampoos or masks for your hair
  • temperature changes
  • Diet deficient in vitamins and minerals

Tips for faster hair growth

If you want your hair to grow much faster and, above all, much healthier, it is recommended that you follow some of the following advice:

  • Always use specific treatments for your hair: that is, if your hair tends to be dry or dehydrated, it is important that your products are always nourishing and moisturizing.
  • Do not use tools such as irons and dryers so frequently: these tools usually damage the hair considerably. In case you have to use them, always do so by applying a thermal protector to your hair before ironing or drying your hair.
  • Brush your hair a couple of times a day: this gesture helps stimulate blood circulation in the head, which promotes hair growth. However, avoid sudden gestures and jerks, since all you will achieve is pulling out your hair.
  • After washing your hair, always use lukewarm or cold water: it is important that in the last rinse we use cold water to seal the cuticles well and avoid the frizz effect.
  • Use home remedies: some natural products They will help you take care of your hair in a healthy way and without having to spend a lot of money.
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