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How do I know if I’m going bald?

Is it my impression or do I have less and less hair? If you have asked yourself this question lately, the following Great Looking Hair article

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Is it my impression or do I have less and less hair? If you have asked yourself this question lately, the following Great Looking Hair article will interest you. You’ve probably always had a beautiful mane or thick hair, but now lately it falls out more intensely, the volume is reduced and the receding hairline is accentuated. Although it is a normal episode in the lives of many men, especially as they get older, it is still a cause for concern for some of them. If you want to discover the signs that will help you clear up your doubts about baldness, be sure to read the following steps. This time we explain how to know if i’m going bald, something that today can be both concealed and controlled. Take note!

How to know if you are going bald

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s time to thoroughly evaluate your hair. Examine it in the mirror and see if when combing it it falls out more than usual, if when you wake up in the morning there is excess hair on your pillow or if when you take a shower you see how much your hair falls out. The excessive hair loss, it can be an indicator of baldness, but it can also be a sign of many other hair problems. In any case, do not hesitate to go to a specialist to analyze the hair loss and the health problems that are causing it.

Next, we will detail what you must do to answer your question about how to know if i’m going bald or bald. To do this, you must identify the conditions that can directly affect health, causing hair loss. Some of the temporary or permanent factors that directly influence this problem are:

  • scalp infections
  • Alopecia (immune system disorder that attacks hair follicles, causing hair to fall out in clumps)
  • Stress
  • genetic condition
  • Malnutrition or poor diet
  • Hormonal imbalances such as those originating in the thyroid
  • Medicines
  • Abuse of hair products

In the following sections we will tell you what are the main causes of baldness and excessive hair loss in much more detail.

genetic baldness

We all lose our hair. on average we lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, a fact that can comfort you if you have recently noticed that you were losing hair and not previously. There are many factors that can cause hair to fall out more often, from age to the genetic. 40% of men begin to suffer more visible hair loss after 35 years of age and if the oldest members of the family are bald, 95% of men will follow the same pattern. Was your father or grandfather bald? and you wonderif my father is bald i will be bald?, then you should know that your hair loss is most likely pointing to baldness.

stress and hair loss

There is another factor that can largely determine hair loss: stress. Directly or indirectly, stress, anxiety or nervousness can affect multiple biological mechanisms. If, controlling your stress, you notice that the hair loss is reduced, it is probably a induced baldness, due to testosterone levels that both genes and stress have modified and give speed to going bald. Emotional instability can be very detrimental to your health, so try to slow down or do activities that allow you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Excessive use of hair products

Do you use too many products and cosmetics for your hair? Do you constantly subject it to harmful treatments such as dyes? If the answers are yes and lately you notice that your hair falls out more frequently, it’s time to put remedy to your baldness self-inflicted. The abuse of cosmetics and treatments they can deeply damage both the hair and the scalp, which can lead to early, unwanted, induced baldness. Take care of your hair! Stop using so many products with chemical substances, use them less often or replace them with natural hair treatmentseither to treat the fall, to dye it or to straighten or dominate it.

Hormones and hair loss

The hormonal changes They can also be a cause of baldness, which is considered a normal and general pattern in men, although it also occurs in women, for example during pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Hormonal disorders have nothing to do with hereditary patterns, so it is important consult a doctor to find the most appropriate option or treatment in each case.

Diet affects hair

Did you know feeding It can also be a factor that influences baldness? If you want to know if you are going bald, check your diet. The iron, protein and vitamin deficiency it can affect the scalp, reducing its coverage. If you want to avoid premature baldness, you must maintain adequate nutrition. Also, you should know that eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can also cause hair loss.

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Medications that cause hair loss and baldness

High blood pressure, depression, cardiovascular problems, arthritis or cancer are some of the health factors that can affect baldness, especially through the medications and drugs that are prescribed to carry out the treatments. Hair loss is a secondary effect common.

Baldness Treatments

If you think you are going bald, do not hesitate to request Medical help. Taking into account all the above points, it is likely that you have determined that hair loss is a concern for you, so the next step will be to remedy it. Today there are multiple treatments that can help you hide or delay baldness, although none of them will reverse the process. These treatments include the reduction of the scalp through surgery, the hair grafts or transplantsfinasteride (a pill that treats baldness) or minoxidil that slows down hair loss, without forgetting the common use of wigs or hairpieces that can help you hide hair loss.

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