How long does it take for bangs to grow

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How long does it take for bangs to grow

Bangs are one of those hair styles that come and go with fashion. Although much has been said about who can use it and who can't, the truth is

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Bangs are one of those hair styles that come and go with fashion. Although much has been said about who can use it and who can’t, the truth is that almost all of them do well, although you have to take into account the shape of the face to know what type of bangs to use.

Of course, once the decision to use it has been made, there is no turning back, as it will take a while before it matches the rest of the hair. So what if you’ve cut your bangs, but have grown tired of the style? The only option is to let it grow. In aHOWTO, we tell you how long does it take to grow bangs and, in addition, we offer you some alternatives to comb and improve the one you already have.

How long does it take to grow bangs – the answer

To know how long does it take to grow hair It helps us to have an idea of ​​how long we should wait for the bangs to disappear. In reality, hair grows about 1.25 centimeters a month, which means that The bangs take about 6 months to grow.

Even so, hair growth depends on several factors that directly affect how long it takes for the bangs to grow:

  • Nutrition: maintaining a healthy and balanced diet helps to strengthen the hair and promote its growth.
  • Typology: Normally, straight hair, especially from many Asian ethnicities, will grow faster than curly hair.
  • AgeHair: Over time, the follicles also age and become less effective at supporting and growing hair, as well as keeping it healthy.
  • Genetics: Although genetics does not determine how long it will take for hair to grow, it does affect the ability of the follicles to maintain hair and regenerate it.

If you are thinking of cutting your bangs, do not be afraid. Eventually, the hair grows out and you can search for the best bang style for your face to avoid disappointment. Visit our article Which bangs suit me according to my face type to choose the best option for you.

How to grow bangs faster

It is really reassuring to know that there are other measures that can be taken to make bangs grow faster, even more so when they are simple things to do. Follow these tips and your hair will grow faster and stronger than ever:

  • Eat well. Don’t forget to include protein, legumes, nuts or eggs in your diet. Consider taking vitamin complexes, although proper nutrition is always the best idea.
  • massage the scalp. Gently massaging the forehead and temples area promotes follicular activity, thanks to increased blood flow. Another way to massage is to comb your hair. Do it every night before going to bed and, in this way, you will also distribute the natural oils of the hair that strengthen and protect it.
  • Shape the bangs. It is good to go to the hairdresser to shape the bangs. Those little cuts will prevent the formation of split ends that prevent healthy hair development.
  • prevent discoloration. The fundamental rule is that the less chemical treatments your hair has, the better it will grow. Bleaching damages the hair cuticle, increases the development of split ends and breaks the hair.

Also, you can prepare a natural hair serum. There are countless products on the market to strengthen hair, but if you want to prepare a natural product, you only need these ingredients:

To prepare the serum, follow these steps:

  • Pour all products into a clean dispenser bottle and shake well to mix.
  • Use it on dry hair.
  • Apply it at the root on the scalp and continue impregnating the rest of the hair.
  • Cover it with a plastic cap for an hour.
  • Remove it using a salt-free shampoo.
  • Find more ideas to accelerate the growth of bangs in our article How to stimulate hair growth.

    How to style your bangs when you’re growing them out

    The time it takes to let your bangs grow can seem like an eternity, it is something that many specialists agree on. To make the process more bearable, you can follow some tips that will help you to have a more flattering and attractive look without waiting too long or having to cut it again:

    • Wait for the bangs to reach the height of the lashes. So, visit the hairdresser to go down and remove some volume without cutting it. At this stage, the bangs can be annoying because they lose their shape, but they are not yet long enough to be collected.
    • After a month, visit the hairdresser again, but this time to change the shape of the bangs. You can round it out a bit so that the ends naturally start to point back. Comb it to the side and pin it up when wet so it stays away from your face when it dries.
    • In the following months, use a curling iron and blow dryer to shape the bangs up and back. The idea is to try to blend it with the rest of the hair. You can also make small braids to hold it or use ribbons. Headbands, clips and clips do not have to be an accessory for girls, because if you choose the model well, they are a fantastic accessory to keep the bangs out of the face.

    If you have cut your bangs and the result has not been what you expected, we recommend you visit our article How to hide a badly cut bangs.

    How to get rid of straight bangs

    If you have straight bangs and you want to get rid of it, it is best to follow the above guidelines to ensure balanced hair growth. However, there are tricks that you can put into practice to hide it and remove the hair from the face. You will only need a brush or comb, several bobby pins or bobby pins, and a dryer or iron to shape the hair. For the first optionfollow these steps:

  • Part your bangs to the side instead of down the center.
  • Pin the shorter side back with 1-2 bobby pins.
  • Let the longest side fall to the side.
  • To make sure it stays that way, flat iron or blow dry it.
  • Refering to second optionyou can do what we explain below:

  • Divide the bangs in two and pull them back to the sides with the bobby pins.
  • To hide it, bring some hair from the crown to the sides.
  • The result will be a slightly vintage style that you can combine with your clothes and accessories.
  • If none of the previous options convinces you, you can apply this third alternative:

  • Pull all of your bangs hair to one side and wrap it around itself to make a small braid.
  • Pull your hair back and secure it with bobby pins or bobby pins.
  • Hide the hooks with your own hair or with a headband.
  • You can do this same style by dividing your bangs in two and making two small braids on each side.
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