How often should I wash my hair?

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How often should I wash my hair?

Wash the hair it is an action that we carry out habitually to always keep it healthy, clean and with the best appearance possible. But a gestu

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Wash the hair it is an action that we carry out habitually to always keep it healthy, clean and with the best appearance possible. But a gesture as simple as this is the subject of debate among hair experts, who can’t agree on how often it would be convenient to do it. And if you have also asked yourself on occasion how often should you wash your hairin the following OneHowTo article we offer you some useful tips so you can determine the most appropriate time for the health of your hair.

How often should I wash my hair?

The question of How often you should wash your hair generates multiple differences in the opinions of experts in dermatology and cosmetology, since we can find from professionals who say that it is best to wash your hair every day to those who recommend doing it only once a week. Our recommendation is that the ideal would be a medium term washing the hair every two daysThis way we will make sure that our hair is always clean, with a dazzling appearance and a very pleasant smell.

Washing frequency according to hair type

If you have ever wondered if it is bad to wash your hair every day, you should know that the answer is negative, although in this case it is preferable to use a neutral pH shampoo that provides deep cleaning without being aggressive. Now, to show off splendid hair you can determine the washing frequency Depending on the type of hair you have, take note of the following tips:

  • If your hair is oily and the next day after washing it, the scalp looks matted and oily, then it will be convenient to wash it daily. Likewise, it will be essential that you try to solve this hair problem using special lotions to regulate the production of fat and provide it with the care that we show you in the article How to take care of oily hair.
  • If, on the other hand, your hair is dry, washing it every day will further dry out your scalp, damaging and weakening it. In this case, it is advisable to wash your hair every two days so that it is clean and well hydrated.

Tips for washing your hair

The hair washing It is a basic and fundamental ritual to keep your hair healthy, strong and beautiful, so the way you carry it out is also very important. With the tricks that we show you below, you will protect your health:

  • Choose a neutral shampoo, without alcohol or fragrances.
  • As for the quantity, use only one hazelnut if you have short or medium hair, and a walnut in the case of long hair.
  • Spend a few minutes rinsing, do it with warm water and finish by applying a jet of cold water to seal the cuticles and add shine.
  • Use a conditioner suitable for your hair type and a nourishing mask once a week.

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