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How often to cut the tips

have a healthy, strong and beautiful hair It is something that all women want, but to achieve it, it will be essential to take care of it both

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have a healthy, strong and beautiful hair It is something that all women want, but to achieve it, it will be essential to take care of it both on the outside and on the inside, being just as important an adequate external hydration as a diet rich in vitamins that is reflected in the vitality of the hair. One of the most frequent problems, which affects its appearance, is that of split and damaged ends which must be cut from time to time to always boast of a healthy and enviable mane. But do you really know how often you should cut your ends? Discover the answer in the following OneHowTo article and dismantle all the myths that surround this question.

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In the first place, it is convenient to clarify that the belief that cutting the ends every month speeds up hair growth Is completely false. Keep in mind that hair generally grows 1 to 2 centimeters a month, so if your goal is to grow your hair long and have a fuller mane, cutting your ends monthly will offer you just the opposite.


However, the hair always requires a cut from time to time so that it grows healthier, stronger and looks beautiful and radiant. Stylists generally point out that the ideal would be trim your ends every 3 months to prevent the deterioration of this part of the hair from accumulating and affecting the medium and long hair. In this way, you will be able to clean up your ends completely and renew the appearance of your hair.


The frequency with which you should cut your ends It will vary depending on the care you give your hair and whether you constantly subject it to activities or aesthetic tasks that put its health at risk, damaging it prematurely. For example, if you dye your hair monthly, use aggressive hair products daily, are in continuous contact with chlorine in swimming pools or overexpose it to UV rays, it is normal for the ends to become damaged, open and break more frequently. easily, so you may have to cut ahead.


On the contrary, if you keep your hair perfectly cared for and hydrated day after day, and your tips they look completely healthy, you can wait a little longer to cut them. Simple measures such as brushing your hair properly, choosing a good shampoo or protecting your hair against the heat generated by dryers and straightening irons will keep your ends in perfect condition for longer. Check the following articles to know how to combat split and brittle ends with very simple tips:

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