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How to avoid gray hair – 100% effective remedies!

Gray hair is, for many people, a problem that they consider unsightly. These white hairs begin to appear when the melanocytes, cells responsib

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Gray hair is, for many people, a problem that they consider unsightly. These white hairs begin to appear when the melanocytes, cells responsible for pigmenting the hair, stop performing their function. In other words, gray hair appears when these cells stop producing the melanin that gives dye or color to hair, which is why they turn gray or white. Currently, and according to experts, more than 50% of the population has gray hair. Although it is true that years ago gray hairs were considered a symbol of maturity and wisdom, today there are many people who prefer to hide them or postpone them as long as possible.

If gray hair begins to be visible in your hair or you want to know how to prevent its appearance, in the following Great Looking Hair article we will explain it to you. how to avoid gray hair in a safe and 100% natural way.

Can we avoid gray hair?

The clearest answer is no; gray hair is part of the natural aging process, so it is impossible to avoid its appearance 100%. Also, if you are wondering how to permanently remove gray hair, you should keep in mind that there is no solution that will ensure the disappearance of gray hair forever.

However, there are many home remedies that not only slow down the appearance of gray hair, but can also significantly reduce them. These are a perfect option for those who either have allergies to chemical dyes or don’t want to be forced to touch up their roots at the salon every month.

So, if you want to discover how to completely reverse gray hair, you will see that there are no miraculous remedies that will allow you to have the hair you had before. However, with the following home remedies, you will be able to attenuate your gray hair, prevent more white hair from appearing prematurely and nourish your hair to the maximum so that it is in perfect condition.

Foods that activate melanin to avoid gray hair

As we have seen, eliminating gray hair is definitely not possible unless we opt for the use of dyes every 2-3 months. However, below we show you some foods that activate melanin to protect the original color of your hair and thus prevent the premature appearance of gray hair. Take note!


Among the foods with melanin capable of delaying the appearance of gray hair, one of the best known is the avocado. This ingredient is rich in copper, a fundamental mineral for melanin productionthat dark pigment that is found in various cells of the body and produces the coloration of hair, eyes and skin.

In addition, avocado is rich in vitamin B5, one of the basic substances to promote the good condition of the skin and hair.


There are many beneficial fish worth consuming for a healthy scalp. However, salmon, very rich in omega3 (essential for the good condition of the hair), is one of the most recommended. this fish is rich in iron and seleniumtwo minerals that produce enzymes to prevent cell damage.


Egg yolk is perfect for delaying the appearance of gray hair due to its high vitamin B content. This vitamin is essential for the production of hemoglobin, a red pigment concentrated in the red blood cells that carries oxygen to different cells in the body. Vitamin B is, in fact, one of the most necessary to keep hair and skin in good condition.


As with salmon, fish or egg yolk, broccoli contains a lot of vitamin B5, essential for good hair condition. this vitamin improves the original tone of the skin and hairso eating green leafy vegetables like broccoli will be a success.


This food helps break down hydrogen peroxide, a chemical compound that leads to the formation of gray hair. However, it is important not to consume liver too often, as it contains harmful fats that can significantly increase cholesterol levels in the body.


Green tea, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant and stimulant, contains high amounts of silica, a mineral that strengthens the hair and preserves its natural color.

Home remedies to slow down the appearance of gray hair

If you want to replace your anti-gray shampoo with solutions based on natural remedies that, in addition to preventing and concealing gray hair, provide hydration to your hair, do not hesitate to follow these instructions.

Avocado to permanently remove gray hair

The avocado has become one of the most popular foods of the new generations, something that is not only due to its incredible health properties, but also to its use in the field of beauty.

From oneHOWTO we reveal that avocado has fatty oils with incredible moisturizing properties that are most beneficial for our hair. Vitamin E, minerals and amino acids are exceptional allies for combat hair agingwhich is why both the fruit and its seeds are good for making gray hair disappear:

  • Prepare a mask with half a ripe and mashed avocado.
  • Apply the paste directly on your scalp.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with your usual shampoo.
  • If you want more information about everything this food can do for your hair, take a look at this article on Properties and benefits of avocado for hair.

    Rosemary to remove gray hair

    Rosemary contains rosmarinic acid, a natural dye that, in addition to hiding gray hair very effectively, adds shine and body to your hair.

    Of course, due to the natural color of said product, we recommend that you use it only if your hair is dark brown or black. To use rosemary for gray hair, you just have to follow this step by step:

  • Prepare a rosemary lotion by boiling a cup of water.
  • Next, add a tablespoon of rosemary.
  • Wait a few seconds and remove the water from the heat.
  • Let the mixture cool down and, once ready, you can apply it to your hair.
  • Let the product dry on your hair like water. In a matter of weeks, you will notice how your hair begins to absorb the natural color of rosemary.

    Jojoba oil to remove gray hair

    Jojoba seed has a high rate of linoleic acidan essential fatty acid that helps regulate the production of fat and vitamin E, essential in the fight against free radicals and, therefore, capable of prevent premature graying of hair.

    Jojoba, used in oil, will help prevent gray hair by providing deep hydration to your hair. In the following article on How to use jojoba oil for hair you will find everything you need to know about the use of this plant.

    How to avoid gray hair with onion juice

    Onion is, for many, the definitive remedy when it comes to stopping the appearance of gray hair. This is because the onion has an enzyme called catalase that is capable of inhibit the appearance of gray hair on the scalp. Catalase protects hair from a substance called hydrogen peroxide, which is responsible for the appearance of white hair in many people.

    To prevent gray hair, you should massage the scalp with the juice of an onion and leave it on for 10 minutes as if it were a mask. Next, wash your hair with your usual shampoo.

    In the following Great Looking Hair article we offer you a step-by-step guide on how to make onion juice in a simple way to make said lotion.

    Ginger to prevent the appearance of gray hair

    Ginger is a plant that, for centuries, has been used to prevent and treat various problems. It is, in fact, one of the star foods of traditional medicines such as Chinese. Do you know why ginger for gray hair is a great option? This plant has revitalizing qualities that help to increase the circulation of the scalp and, consequently, to strengthen the hair follicles so that they do not weaken and do not lose pigment cells (responsible for giving color to our hair).

    if you want a strong, youthful, gray-free hair You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Make an infusion with half a carved root of ginger.
  • Once the infusion is ready, serve it in a cup and apply it to your scalp.
  • Make gentle circular massages for about 3 minutes.
  • When these minutes have elapsed, rinse your hair with plenty of water.
  • The following article on Ginger for hair: benefits, uses and recipes will offer you all the information you need to learn how this plant can significantly improve the condition of your hair.

    Other products to prevent premature gray hair

    Now that you know how to reverse gray hair with natural foods, at Great Looking Hair we want to make other products available to you that will help you hide gray hair and prevent the appearance of more premature white hair:

    • Baking soda for gray hair: Baking soda is perfect for keeping the hair’s pH balanced. Thanks to this, this compound prevents hair pigmentation from being lost and fights gray hair very effectively. To make use of baking soda for gray hair, you only have to mix two small tablespoons of baking soda with some water and apply the mixture to your damp hair. After 10 minutes, wash your hair with plenty of water and a natural shampoo. For more information, be sure to visit this article on How to use baking soda for gray hair.
    • anti-gray shampoo: Most anti-gray shampoos are made from natural foods such as those mentioned above. However, at Great Looking Hair we recommend that you combine the use of these remedies with these shampoos for more notable results in less time.
    • Other specialized products: On the other hand, there are repigmenting products such as Phyto for gray haira hair treatment made up of 98% natural ingredients that manages to treat gray hair from the root and delay its appearance without the need for dyes.
    • iron supplements: According to experts, a lack of iron in the diet can accelerate hair aging and cause the appearance of white hair. Iron helps produce melanin in our scalp and therefore maintain its original color.

    Vitamins to delay the appearance of gray hair

    • vitamin B1: some foods rich in this vitamin are lean meats, soy, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc.
    • vitamin B5: The group of foods rich in vitamin B5 includes fish, yogurt, mushrooms, shellfish, chicken and avocado.
    • B12 vitamin: beef liver, chicken liver, mozzarella cheese, tuna, crab, trout, etc.
    • Vitamin C: the food group that contains the most vitamin C are fruits, so eating pineapple, kiwi, orange, watermelon and melon, among many others, will provide you with large amounts of this great antioxidant.
    • Vitamin D: hair follicles contain a high level of vitamin D. Including foods that contain this vitamin in the diet will help strengthen these follicles and prevent premature aging. Some foods with a lot of vitamin D are oily fish, shellfish, dairy products, avocado, etc.

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