How to care for red hair

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How to care for red hair

If you have the red hair You are in luck, because you have beautiful and very special hair. But being a single hair, it requires special cares

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If you have the red hair You are in luck, because you have beautiful and very special hair. But being a single hair, it requires special cares to maintain its tone and its distinctive bright appearance. Although there is no specific treatment or shampoo for red hair, there are ways to treat it to take care of its nature and brighten its color. At we are going to give you some tips on how to care for red hair for you to keep it great.

Steps to follow:


If you have natural red hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner but light. This type of hair is usually dense, and you should moisturize it gently. You can also use a henna shampoo that will help you revive the beautiful tone of your hair. And it is recommended that you sunbathe in small doses, because with the sunlight the reflections of your hair will be enhanced.


Normally red hair is thick and somewhat more rebellious than blonde or brunette hair. It is important wear masks for thick hair, and then you must protect it from the heat that you apply using dryers and straightening irons, although this will depend on the type of cut or hairstyle you have.

If you are one of those who like to straighten your hair, the mask is essential so that it is not damaged excessively. A piece of advice that you should always follow before ironing your hair is to use a thermal protector that will protect it from the heat.


If you want to give more light to your ginger hair, You can also go to the hairdresser to get a treatment and give more reflections, or even from home use a shampoo that gives you more pigmentation. Do not use very strong products, the chemistry can alter the nature of your color, so you must be careful and prudent. If you have passionate red hair, it is best to use a colored shampoo, it is mild and the effect will be very good.


An important piece of advice so that your red hair does not lose intensity is take care of the hair cuticle. For it to be well closed, you must apply a silicone-based serum with vitamins. If you put this product on your red hair, it will stay less frizzy, smoother, shinier and protected from external threats. It is highly recommended to use the same serum every two or three nights, and apply it to dry ends.


at the time of comb your red hair, avoid using products that have alcohol, since they dry out the hair and it could also lose its brilliant tone. The best option is to use cream lotions for styling, because they are much more moisturizing for your hair and enhance the red color.

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