How to dry hair to give volume

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How to dry hair to give volume

have a voluminous hair and full of movement is something that many girls want, especially those who have very straight hair or fine strands, wh

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have a voluminous hair and full of movement is something that many girls want, especially those who have very straight hair or fine strands, which makes it even more difficult to add volume to their hair.

But there’s nothing that can’t be achieved by using the right technique, that’s why at we’ll show you some infallible tricks for you to discover how to dry hair to give volume and get the hair you’ve always wanted. Say yes to movement and the body, keep reading and discover how to achieve it.

Steps to follow:


Goodbye to the smooth without body! if you really want increase the volume of your hair It is important to get down to work and change some washing and styling habits in order to add a little more body to your hair.

Start by choosing specialized products to add volume to the hair, these will help you better maintain the work you do during the drying and styling phase, so they are undoubtedly excellent allies.


But not everything has to do with using a good product, the way we do it will make the difference between hair with body and one without volume. To start it is important do not abuse the mask or conditioner, as these products can significantly weigh down your hair, making it look straighter than you want. Always apply a small amount and do it only from the middle of the hair down, never at the roots.

now it comes an important trick: the last rinse or rinse in your hair do it upside down, running your fingers through your hair to remove the rest of the product that may remain in the hair. Then turn off the water, wring out your hair and wrap it in a towel. This simple gesture of giving the last rinse upside down will help you provide an extra quota of volume that will come in handy.


Keep your hair wrapped in a towel for at least 5 minutes to absorb moisture. Then remove the towel without rubbing so as not to increase the frizz and comb your hair, it is convenient to use some styling cream that increases the volume and provides a little fixation. This will allow the work you do with the blow dryer to last longer.


Now it’s time to blow dry hair to add volume. To begin with, it is best to have a flat brush, not a round one, which will help us to better manage the hair.

You should take your hair to one side and start drying helping you with the smooth brush, once you remove the moisture, take the hair to the other side and repeat the procedure. This will prevent your hair from ending up flattened and smoother than it really is, giving it the body it needs.


Once you have dried both sides, you should put your head down and dry your hair in this way, helping you with the smooth brush or with your fingers if your hair is very short. This is one of the infallible tricks when drying your hair to give it volume, as it prevents the root from sticking to the scalp, giving it much more body.

When you raise your head you will immediately notice how your hair looks much more voluminous and full of movement.


To give the final touch, comb your hair keeping your head upside down, which will continue to stimulate movement in the roots. You will be able to untangle it without weighing it down, impeccably finishing off the work you have done previously.

Using a light hold product can be a good alternative if your hair is very fine or straight, since this type of hair has a greater tendency to lose volume faster.


If you want to not only dry your hair to give volume but also straighten it, then you can team up with a round brush instead of a straight one to make it easier to stretch the strands. It is advisable to start in the same way: first drying a section of hair to one side and then the other, always holding the lock of hair and pointing it towards the ceiling, never down.

Finish by blow-drying your hair upside down to encourage movement, as explained above.


But these are not the only tricks that deserve to be put into practice when it comes to increase the body of your hairthat’s why we give you other recommendations that will come in handy, you can find them in our articles:

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