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How to dye hair with chamomile

Sometimes we would like, especially when summer arrives, to enhance our natural golden reflections that usually appear after long days in the s

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Sometimes we would like, especially when summer arrives, to enhance our natural golden reflections that usually appear after long days in the sun, due to seawater or chlorine in swimming pools. That golden hair tone so flattering in contrast to tanned skin, is one of the aspects most appreciated by both women and some men.

But we don’t want to damage our hair or spend money to get this look, so how can we lighten our hair? Chamomile is the solution. There are various shampoos for sale in drugstores and supermarkets that promise to help us lighten our hair, but the truth is that if we use only those products, the results will be insufficient. That’s why at OneHowTo.com we want to show you how to dye hair with chamomile and the different techniques you can use to lighten your hair using this infusion.

Steps to follow:


Chamomile is a natural product that helps us in many organic functions thanks to its antiseptic power that improves various digestive disorders. But it also has other benefits for our beauty, in this case for our hair. This plant nourishes our hair and provides extra shinesomething that many women look for in this ancestral remedy.

But, in addition, it can progressively become our natural dye, lightening brown and blonde hair in a healthy and simple way. The reason why chamomile lightens hair is because it has two pigments, apigenin, a natural yellow pigment, and azulene, which neutralizes the yellow coloration and turns it white, producing lightening.

Chamomile must be helped by the sun to achieve the desired effects, or, failing that, by heat such as that produced by the dryer or the iron.


you can try lighten your hair only with chamomile. For this you will need half a liter of water, chamomile bags and a shower cap. Boil half a liter of water and introduce three or four bags of chamomile, the more you put, the more concentrated the preparation will be, but you must keep in mind that chamomile can dry out the hair, so it is preferable to be constant and less aggressive with the remedy to maintain the health of your hair.

Let the chamomile infuse for about ten minutes and, when it is cold, place it on your damp hair (without previously washing). Take into account the length and thickness of your hair, if it is very long you can use more water if you consider it necessary.

Let dry your hair in the sun, ensuring that it affects all the layers of your hair, including the lower ones, so that it is lightened evenly. If you can’t be in the sun, dry your hair completely with a dryer or with an iron, since heat helps the process and without it the results will not be satisfactory.

Once dry, wash your hair as usual, applying a mask to prevent it from drying out. As it is a progressive lightening, you will have to repeat the process several times until you achieve the desired tone.


Another more powerful option is add lemon juice to the remedy, lemon and chamomile multiply its lightening power and can speed up the process. You must remember that, as these are drying elements, your hair will feel more frizzy, so you should use a mask or argan oil to counteract these effects. In our article how to prepare a homemade mask for dry hair, we give you several options that will help you guarantee its hydration.

Simply add the juice of one or two lemons to the previous mixture. Apply to damp, unwashed hair and let dry in the sun or apply heat with a blow dryer or flat iron. Remember that you must ensure that the sun affects all the layers of the hair, otherwise it will only lighten the part in which it has been exposed. Once the hair has dried, wash as usual and apply a mask or argan or olive oilto hydrate and prevent dryness.


Finally, we present a third modality to which a third ingredient will be added that will help nourish and increase the lightening power of the formula: Honey.

To do this you must add one or two tablespoons of honey to the mixture and repeat the previous process. Honey also has great lightening power and will help the rest of the ingredients to dye your hair. When you wash your hair with the latter preparation, you should do it thoroughly since it can be difficult to remove the product because the honey will adhere strongly to your hair. Do not worry, with a little patience you will get it.

In short, we have presented three ways to dye your hair with chamomile with which you will get excellent results at a great price, don’t you think?

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