How to get more volume in your hair

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How to get more volume in your hair

It doesn't matter if your hair is straight, fine, curly or wavy, in any case you may want to enhance your hair and catch eyes with a much more

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It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, fine, curly or wavy, in any case you may want to enhance your hair and catch eyes with a much more voluminous and attractive hair. Achieving it is possible, but we warn you that there is not a single miraculous remedy, rather it is about applying various recommendations and following certain habits to give your hair the look you want day by day. Are you ready for much more voluminous hair? Keep reading because in this article we explain how to get more volume in your hair and look great.

Steps to follow:


To begin, it is important to be clear that if you want to have more volume in your hair, you should team up with a good stylist. No matter how closely you follow the recommendations that we will give you in the following steps, if your haircut does not favor the creation of volume naturally, it will be difficult to achieve it with other alternatives.

Choose a good hairdresser with whom you can communicate effectively, who understands your style and the needs of your hair, and ask him to offer you some styles of cuts that he thinks can go well with your face, always respecting your personal tastes. Layers are key to making your hair much more voluminous and they will help you considerably, and if you are not sure what the best options are, in our article haircuts to get volume we will give you some good ideas.


Another important key to successfully volumizing hair, and which, once again, depends on teaming up with a good hairdresser, is the color we choose for our hair. reflections or highlights They are an excellent alternative to give a greater sensation of volume, soften the features of the face and provide luminosity. They can make your hair look much more abundant and beautiful, so when you visit your hairdresser for a cut take advantage and consider the possibility of doing some strategic reflections, you will immediately notice the difference.


Once we have gone through a professional, it is time to do the work at home. If your goal is give hair volume It is very important that you acquire suitable cosmetic products for this, that is why your shampoo, conditioner, mask and styling cream should be focused on adding some volume to the hair.

It is recommended that these products also have nutrients and moisturizing ingredients, since having properly moisturized hair will allow you to style it in different ways and make it look beautiful and healthy.


Another basic aspect to prevent your hair from looking flattened or not very voluminous is to wash it properly. To start you must massage your scalp When you apply the shampoo, rub the entire scalp with the tips of your fingers to stimulate circulation and effective cleaning, which will also help improve hair growth and promote well-being.

It is also very important that you do not abuse the amount of conditioner or mask you apply. Although these products work to soften and nourish the hair, making it easier to comb or make it look much healthier, if you apply too much you will only make your hair look flat and with little volume. Therefore it is recommended that:

  • Do not apply these products to the roots of the hair or you will get the opposite effect of volume.
  • Use only a small amount, spreading the product evenly through your hair.
  • Let the conditioner or mask act for the time indicated on the product, never again. This will prevent your hair from being softer than you want.


Whether you have curly or straight hair: avoid going outside with soaked hair or it will be impossible for it to look the volume you expect. To give hair volume, it is recommended to follow a styling routine every time you wash your hair, so we recommend:

  • Gently squeeze the hair when you finish washing it.
  • Wrap it with a towel that absorbs well, trying not to squeeze the hair too much.
  • Leave the towel on the head for at least 10 minutes so that the excess water is absorbed correctly.
  • Comb the hair and apply the product to give volume.
  • Give the hair the shape we want with the dryer, which will help us remove excess moisture and add volume. To do so, it is important that you always use it with head down, if you have straight hair help yourself with a comb drying your hair to the opposite side to which you usually comb it. If you have curly hair, shape your curls with one hand while holding the dryer with the other to remove excess moisture.
  • It is recommended to use a medium temperature and not to stick the dryer too close to the hair to avoid damage.


If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, then the waves They are your best allies to add volume to your hair. You can do them with the help of the iron or without heat for a more natural result. This is the simplest way to add movement and volume to your hair, that’s why at OneHowTo we’ve prepared several articles for you to discover the best tips to achieve it, that’s why we’ll show you:


This recommendation applies especially to girls with straight hair, if you want hair with volume. don’t comb it too much. This only weighs down your mane and increases the risk of the hair strands splitting, looking brittle. The recommendation is to detangle the hair after washing it and perhaps once more throughout the day, always using a quality comb that is preferably made of wood to avoid frizz.


It is not a secret for any of us that our hair gets used to the hairstyle we choose and the place where we decide to place the part, so if you want to gain a little extra volume change the position of the line to the other side, or perhaps place it more to the left or to the right. Dare to play with your hair and try the different alternatives that allow you to give it a more attractive shape.


Last but not least, always keep your hair properly hydrated and nourished. This is what will allow you to play with all the alternatives that we have explained before: dye your hair, try different hairstyles, use the dryer or make waves. You can apply an olive oil mask once a week, use argan oil or coconut oil and thus maximize the nutrition of your hair without leaving home.

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