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How to go from dyed hair to gray

Many people before the appearance of gray hair choose to dye their hair in order to prevent it from being seen and take years off because, with

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Many people before the appearance of gray hair choose to dye their hair in order to prevent it from being seen and take years off because, with gray hair, one tends to appear older. However, continually dyeing your hair or doing root touch-ups is often tiring, especially if you go for many years between dyes. These are situations in which some people prefer to leave their hair gray to avoid all that hair care and chores. The transition from dyed hair to gray hair is not as complicated as it seems, although it can be a bit long.

In addition, several phases are gone through until the gray hair is achieved naturally. From aCOMO we tell you how to go from dyed hair to gray so you know how to do it and the process is much more bearable.

Who do gray hair favor?

Gray hair does not have to look bad. In fact, many people are really attractive with gray hair, such as George Clooney or Diane Keaton, to name a few. There are more and more women who do not dye their gray hair, or even young girls who want to have gray-looking hair. This may seem a bit surprising, as it has always been said that going gray ages you. But… what if gray hair made you, precisely, sexier?

leave gray hair at 40 or 50 it’s nothing bad. The appearance of white or grayish hair is a natural process that the body undergoes when reaching a certain age, and if it makes us look more handsome and pretty… why not leave your hair gray?

Are you ready to leave your gray hair?

If you have already decided to go from dyed hair to gray hair, the first thing you have to do is say goodbye to all the hair care routines that you have carried out until now. And it is that you do not go from dyed hair to gray hair in a single day. Moreover, a process has to be followed that allows the dye gradually fades from the hair. And, to achieve this, you must take into account several influencing factors.

Transition between dye and gray hair

In fact, there are ways to make this process faster, also trying not to look bad in the mirror because your hair won’t be completely gray yet, but you won’t have it dyed either. One reason why it’s important to follow this series of key steps:

  • usual tint: when you have already decided that you are going to wear gray hair, you have to stop dyeing your hair the color you have been using until now. But so that the roots and the difference in tone with the dyed hair are not noticeable as the hair grows, a good option is to lighten the color of the dye to go towards lighter shades than the ones you have been using up to now. In this way, every time you dye your hair you have to use lighter colors that are closer to gray hair, but that favor you.
  • semi-permanent dyes: In case you want to speed up the process even faster, another alternative is to choose semi-permanent dyes because they do not completely cover gray hair and there is less contrast compared to what happens with permanent dye. In addition, this way you will not make a drastic change and you can get used to seeing yourself with gray hair.
  • Haircut: when you want to go from dyed hair to gray, a good option is to get a good haircut. And it is that, if you have very long hair, it will take longer for all the dye to disappear and the process will take a long time. If you want everything to be faster, choose to cut your hair as much as you can, but in a style that flatters you. For example, there are cuts like the pixie that are very chic and flattering. If you prefer a mane, it is important that you focus on cutting the ends because it is where more color accumulates with the successive dyes. One reason why it is convenient to cut the hair frequently to eliminate the color as quickly as possible.
  • lightening spray: they are another of the possible solutions, but keep in mind that these products are only to lighten the area of ​​​​the roots and that the contrast between the dye and the root of the hair is not so noticeable. In addition, it is a short-lived solution. If you have chosen to cut your hair and dye it lighter, it can be very useful to avoid the effect of the roots until the hair lightens and you reach gray.

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Highlights or highlights to stop dyeing your hair

Although the most common is to opt for dyes with a lighter color or those that are semi-permanent, another option is opt for highlights or reflections. However, this is a solution that is not valid for everyone. And it is that this type of coloration is good if your hair is not very white or grayish because with these techniques the gray hair is only slightly concealed. Otherwise, there will be a lot of contrast between the highlights and gray hair.

In addition, it is a solution that is also more suitable for those who have light colored hair (either blonde or light brown) than for brunette hair. With very dark hair, it is not a solution that is very good and that favors because some gray strands will be noticeable, others dyed and others with highlights or reflections, creating an amalgam of colors.

However, if this is a solution that you can put into practice, you should also progressively lower the tone of the color you use for the highlights or reflections so that it merges with that of the gray hair until you reach look one hundred percent gray hair Or, at least, mostly.

Serious mistakes when going from dyed to gray hair

Many times when we ask ourselves how to go from dyed hair to gray hair, we have ideas that are not at all beneficial for the hair and that are not effective either. One of the biggest and most common mistakes is dye hair platinum blonde or white. This should not be done under any circumstances because:

  • Damage: for the hair to turn white or platinum blonde, it will be necessary to bleach the hair and it will cause damage, since it is an aggressive treatment. This happens both with discolorations at the hairdresser and those you do at home with home or natural remedies.
  • Color: with this type of bleaching and white tints you will not be able to achieve the same color as gray hair.
  • same problems: When you dye your hair platinum blonde or white, you will have the same problems as if you dyed it to hide the gray: roots, touch-ups, re-dyeing, etc.

They are tips and guidelines on how to go from dyed hair to gray hair that we give you in a HOWTO so you know how to do it. We always recommend that you consult and put yourself in the hands of professionals so that they can help you in this transition and advise you on the best solution so that you can look gray hair in the shortest possible time and without causing any damage.

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