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how to grow afro hair fast

The Afro hair It is a type of voluminous hair that is characterized by a great density of curls throughout the hair. The great drawback of thi

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The Afro hair It is a type of voluminous hair that is characterized by a great density of curls throughout the hair. The great drawback of this type of hair is that it tends to dry out, especially at the ends of these curls where knots can form that will end up splitting the hair, which can discourage you from letting your Afro hair grow. However, although it may seem like a difficult task, in aHOWTO we teach you how to grow afro hair fast through a few steps that will improve your hair routine and make your hair the center of attention.

Steps to follow:


The first step to grow your afro hair fast is to always keep it hydrated. As we mentioned before, Afro hair tends to get dry and damaged, especially at the ends, so your first task is to spend some of your time repairing this area.

To do this, use a specific conditioner for damaged hair every time you wash your hair. In addition, you should apply a conditioner every two weeks that moisturizes your Afro hair more deeply. You must let it act for 15 minutes and once it has been rinsed, use shampoo again.

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The use of oils on the tips it will also make your afro hair grow faster and healthier. Apply from the middle of the hair to the ends, when it is wet, one of the following natural oils:

  • Argan oil: you can find it in any supermarket. It is ideal for Afro hair as it gives it shine and flexibility, nourishes the hair fibers and moisturizes it deeply.
  • lavender oil: it has very beneficial properties for the hair since if you apply it frequently it will accelerate the growth of your hair.
  • Castor oil: among its benefits are an acceleration of hair growth and also helps prevent hair damage.

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It is also recommended that cut the ends of your hair Frequently. If you want your Afro hair to grow quickly, damaged or split ends will take you away from your goal. You should go to the hairdresser at least every 3 months to cut your ends and make sure your hair is in good condition.


The vitamin supplements They are also very useful to grow afro hair fast:

  • vitamin B6: it is an ideal nutrient for the growth of afro hair since it acts as a barrier against the testosterone receptors of the hair root. This vitamin partially blocks testosterone since an excess of it makes hair grow less.
  • Biotin: it is a vitamin that enhances hair growth and helps in the renewal of hair cells.


The high-protein treatments They will also help you speed up your hair growth since proteins have properties that will restore your damaged hair, but it is also advisable to use this type of treatment on normal hair.

Although the effect is not immediate, this treatment will make your hair grow longer over time. You can go to a hairdresser to have this treatment done or apply it yourself by buying it at a hair products store.


By last, take care of your diet. There are some foods that benefit hair and its growth as well as helping in its nutrition and hydration. Add some foods from this list to your diet so that your afro hair grows fast:

  • salmon and pumpkin seeds: They have a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids that help keep hair follicles healthy.
  • Eggs, lentils and spinachs: they are rich in protein, a nutrient that helps us both in hair growth and in the nutrition of the strands.
  • blueberries: They have a very high content of vitamin C, which helps our hair grow strong and healthy.

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  • Avoid the frequent use of irons and dryers since the heat dries out the hair and breaks it.
  • Dyes are also not recommended if you want to grow afro hair. If you have to use them, do it every 3 months.
  • Brush your hair gently and with a soft bristle brush to prevent further tangles and hair loss.