How to grow long hair

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How to grow long hair

If you have had short hair for a long time and you feel that it is time to change your look and grow long hair, surely you are wondering what i

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If you have had short hair for a long time and you feel that it is time to change your look and grow long hair, surely you are wondering what is the best way to do it. And it is that sometimes we feel that it will never grow or that we will not stand the wait and we will end up cutting it, but the truth is that with patience and some healthy habits you will achieve your goal successfully. At we give you several tips so you can discover how to grow long hair and get the look you want.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do to grow your hair long is have a lot of patience. Natural hair growth is approximately 1 centimeter per month, and although some habits can help you speed up this process, it will not happen as fast as you imagine, so it is quite progressive.

By making changes to your routine and paying more attention to the care of your hair, you will achieve your goal successfully.


To begin with, it is very important that adjust your diet to offer your body and hair all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy. That is why it is advisable to add to your diet:

  • foods rich in Vitamin B such as red meats, blue sins, eggs, liver or nuts.
  • Food rich in iron such as legumes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains or red meat.
  • Vitamin C which due to its antioxidant content will keep your hair healthy. You can find it in different foods such as kiwi, strawberries, orange or green leafy vegetables.
  • Nutrients such as zinc or vitamin Ewhich is found in options such as olive oil, green leafy vegetables or nuts.


Eating well will be essential for your hair to grow quickly and healthily, because without the necessary nutrients this process will be greatly delayed. But it is also recommended that drink the suggested amount of water daily of at least 2 liters, because if your body is hydrated there is less chance that your hair will dry out and look brittle and unhealthy.


To grow long hair it is also important to know wash and care for it properly In order to maximize its growth, that is why we recommend:

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type that offers moisturizing vitamins and nutrients.
  • When washing the hair it is advisable to carry out a scalp massage for at least a minute in order to stimulate blood circulation, which promotes growth.
  • Remove the shampoo and conditioner very well to prevent residue from accumulating in your hair, affecting the hair follicles and their growth.
  • At the end of the bath you can rinse the hair with cold water to close the follicles and ensure a shinier appearance.


It is also important to comb your hair with a quality comb, with thick and resistant bristles that do not pull your hair and break it. Take advantage of the moment of combing it to also massage the scalp.

You can apply products that favor the health and nutrition of the hair, guaranteeing better growth. Some good options are commercially available hair ampoules or homemade moisturizing masks such as avocado or coconut oil.


One of the most important points when grow long hair is to determine how often we will cut it. Although the recommendation is to cut your hair every 3 months to eliminate split ends and ensure greater health, if you are growing it you may not want to do it as often, however cutting is necessary for healthy hair.

For this reason, and as long as you follow the daily care advice so that it is healthy, you will be able to cut the ends of your hair every 6 months. This way it will look beautiful and long at the same time.


Furthermore it is important avoid mistreating and weakening the hair with inappropriate habits such as keeping it up all the time, since the material of the garters or pigtails tends to break the hair, using irons and dryers excessively or applying gels and lacquers that dry and weaken it. If you dry or straighten your hair, it is best to use a product to protect it from the heat and guarantee its well-being. It is also recommended to wear your hair loose whenever possible in order to avoid the damage of picking it up frequently.


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