How to have stronger hair

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How to have stronger hair

we all want a healthy and strong hairHowever, every day we do things and expose ourselves to agents that make the task difficult. Having stron

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we all want a healthy and strong hairHowever, every day we do things and expose ourselves to agents that make the task difficult. Having strong hair is not something that you will achieve overnight, but if you change some habits in your lifestyle and in your beauty routine, you will achieve the hair of your dreams. If you are ready to show off your healthy hair, read this OneHowTo article where we reveal how to have stronger hair.

Steps to follow:


To have stronger hair it is necessary to eat a balanced diet. They say that we are what we eat, and this phrase can even apply to the health of our hair. Among the best vitamins for hair, B5 stands out for its property of strengthening the root of the hair. Find it in nuts, rice, fish, brewer’s yeast, cereals and dairy products.

It is also recommended reduce alcohol and tobacco use, because they weaken the strands. Incorporating fruits into your daily diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will soon begin to see changes and enjoy stronger hair.


When the ends of the hair are split, it means that the protein that makes them strong and healthy has been lost. To prevent this damage from spreading throughout your hair and weakening it, it is necessary cut damaged hair. When you cut the hair, you allow the strands to regenerate and the hair that grows is firmer and more elastic: essential to have stronger hair!


To have stronger hair you should make your hair more elastic and you can achieve this by religiously applying conditioners and moisturizing cream baths. It is important that you apply a portion equivalent to the size of a walnut, since using these products in excess can cause the opposite effect: weakened hair. She prefers keratin conditioners and cream baths based on natural ingredients such as avocado or argan oil.


One of the main causes of weak hair is damage caused by the iron and the dryer. Yes, your best allies may be interrupting your task of having stronger hair and only you can stop it. How? The ideal would be to reduce the frequency of use, however, there are protective creams on the market that are ideal for preventing the heat emanating from both accessories from penetrating your strands and burning them. Apply them before using the iron and the dryer. You can also choose to make moisturizing masks for weak hair.


The exercise is so powerful that it is even one of the tools you can use to have stronger hair. When we exercise, our blood circulation is activated, even in the scalp, which stimulates hair growth and transports nutrients to the root that are essential to strengthen hair. It is recommended to perform cardiovascular exercise 40 minutes daily or at least four days a week to see results.


They say that brush your hair 100 times a day can make it grow and although that is nothing more than a myth, you can get other benefits from combing your hair, including: have stronger hair. Why? When we brush the hair we drag the natural oils of the scalp along the hair, which nourishes the strands and makes them more resistant. Ideally, you should brush your hair with a mixed bristle brush and when it is dry or slightly damp to prevent it from breaking. Do it carefully and untangling from the tips to the root.


It may sound very demanding, but stop dyeing hair It is necessary to restore the strength of the hair. Coloring and bleaching are very abrasive treatments for the strands due to the amount of chemicals that dyes and bleaching water contain, therefore you can choose to show off your natural tone or start dyeing your hair with natural alternatives such as henna. Offering your hair the necessary care for colored hair is also an option that you can consider to have stronger hair.

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