How to hide burnt ends

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How to hide burnt ends

We love to have a beautiful hair, that's why we often make an effort to make it perfectly smooth using allies such as the dryer or the iron. Although

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We love to have a beautiful hair, that’s why we often make an effort to make it perfectly smooth using allies such as the dryer or the iron. Although in principle they are an ideal solution, the reality is that their excessive use can cause our ends to burn, open or be damaged very easily, making our hair look dull and lifeless. Tired of seeing them like this? At we give you some tricks so you can discover how to hide burnt ends.

Steps to follow:


It is important to keep in mind that if your ends look visibly burned and deteriorated, the only real and permanent solution is to go to the hairdresser for a good cut. A healthy and beautiful mane always requires the help of a professional, and although you surely love your hair as long as it is, removing the damaged portions is essential to keep it looking good.

But while you’re making that trip to the salon, a few tricks can help you hide burned ends effectively.


When it comes to deep hydration, there is no cosmetic more beneficial and versatile than Vaseline, which is why it is a great ally to hide damage to your hair. Simply apply a little Vaseline to the burned ends of your hair so that they are immediately hidden, looking much more hydrated and healthy.

Of course, remember that it is a temporary solution that will not heal them permanently.


Another ideal ingredient to hide the burnt tips and making our hair look healthier is the glycerin, which reduces frizz and promotes hydration. Apply a couple of drops to your ends and you will see how the dryness disappears right away. It is important that you do not overdo it because otherwise they will look as if they were wet.


There is a common ingredient in the kitchen that has become a protagonist in the field of beauty: the olive oil. Its multiple cosmetic uses due to its moisturizing properties make it an ideal option to hide burned ends.

Apply a couple of drops to the affected area, but be very careful as this product could stain your clothes, so it is best to wait for it to absorb a bit before getting dressed.


The coconut oil It has great cosmetic benefits due to its moisturizing capacity, which is why it is commonly used to combat frizz and improve the appearance of our hair. For these reasons, it is an ideal option when hiding burned ends and giving them a healthier appearance.

Almond oil is also another natural alternative that you can explore to get the results you are hoping for.


Finally, it is good that you take into account that, as much as different cosmetic brands say otherwise, once your ends are burned there is absolutely no no product that you can repair them and make them look healthy again. As indicated at the beginning, the only solution is cutting, so instead of investing your money in expensive products, visit your hairdresser and get the results you want.

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