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How to lower hair volume naturally

Would you like to take the volume out of your hair and make it look straighter? This is a frequent wish in those women with curly or wavy hair

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Would you like to take the volume out of your hair and make it look straighter? This is a frequent wish in those women with curly or wavy hair who daily have to deal with the tedious problem of frizz or frizz, which, in addition to making their hairstyle very difficult, does not allow them to wear loose hair, with movement and with a healthy appearance. Well, although it is not an easy task, you should know that there are a series of tricks that hairdressing experts carry out to reduce excess volume and frizz and that give very good results. Keep reading this Great Looking Hair article to discover them all and get the perfect formula for lower hair volume naturally.

Products to remove volume from hair

Experts in hair aesthetics assure that the heavier the hair, the less fall it will have and, therefore, its volume will be much less. For this reason, one of the first tricks to reduce hair volume What they recommend is that they be used specific products that take away a little body from the hair and eliminate frizz. The best options are hair serums, oils, styling creams, etc.

You can apply this type of product on damp hair after detangling it or also after drying it to seal the hairstyle. It is also advisable to wash the hair with shampoos that are nourishing, and do not worry if these include silicones, as these can help thicken and give more weight to finer and more fragile hair.

Use the dryer from the top down

To take the volume out of your hair and make the top part sit closer to the root and not so frizzy, it’s important to blow-dry from top to bottom. That is, you will have to place the drying on top of the hair and go drying it from top to bottom helping you with a comb. Accompany the displacement of the dryer with the comb and you will see how your hair is much straighter and without so much volume.

And if you can do it, it is best to let your hair air dry, as well as being a very beneficial treatment for your hair, it will also make it take on less volume than if you dry it with a dryer.

The trick of the collected to reduce the volume of the hair

There are two tricks that you can carry out after drying your hair and that really work very well so that the hair looks less voluminous and has a greater fall, take note of the method that you should put into practice depending on whether your skin is smooth or curly:

  • If you have straight hair: apply a little serum to damp hair and when you finish drying it with the dryer, collect it in a low ponytail without tightening it too much with the elastic, that is, leave it quite loose to prevent the hair tie from leaving a mark.
  • If you have curly hair: After you’ve taken your hair out, make a toga by rolling your hair away from the parting or, if you prefer, make two simple buns at the nape of your neck. Then, when you let your hair down, you will see how the volume has been greatly reduced.

Hairstyles and haircuts to reduce hair volume

There is a key aspect that allows you to remove volume from your hair and, on the contrary, make your hair weigh more: choosing the right haircut.

All professionals in hairdressing agree that women who do not want to wear such voluminous hair should opt for a long, sparse, scissor-cut layersnever with a knife. Avoid very short layered cuts, as these instead add a lot of volume to the hair on top and on the sides.

A very good option is to opt for a long bob so fashionable now, because this is a perfect haircut to deal with the problem of a lot of volume in the hair and provide more movement and ease to the hair. In the following article you can find out what type of face the bob cut favors.

Among the day-to-day hairstyles that can help you control excess volume are ponytails and braids. You can also wear some kind of accessory on top of your head, like a headband or turban.

Home remedies to combat frizz

Next, we are going to show you which are the best natural products that exist to reduce hair volume at home and in a very simple way, take note:

  • Banana and avocado mask: With a fork, mash a banana and the pulp of 1/2 avocado. Apply the paste obtained throughout the scalp, leave it on for 20 minutes and then remove with plenty of warm water. Finally, wash your hair as usual.
  • Argan oil: apply a few drops of argan oil to damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. You can also apply a little when hair is dry if you want to make hair more manageable and styling easier.
  • Olive and coconut oil mask: Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and apply the mask on damp hair, leaving it to act for 20 minutes.

Discover more treatments like these in the article Home remedies for frizzy hair.

Keratin treatment to reduce volume of frizzy hair

In addition to the above treatments to naturally reduce hair volume, women who want to combat frizz and show off much straighter hair can resort to keratin treatment. This is ideal for softening, moisturizing and giving shine to hair.

You can go to your hairdressing center and put yourself in the hands of a professional to do this treatment or you can buy the necessary products and do it yourself at home. So that the result is as expected, we recommend that you follow the step by step that we show in the article How to do a keratin straightening at home.

More tips to combat excess volume

  • During hair washing, try to make the water jet fall directly on the scalp. That is, avoid tilting your head forward.
  • Perform the final rinse of the hair with cold water to seal the cuticles, give it more shine and reduce volume.
  • Don’t touch your hair with your hands while letting it air dry.
  • Dark tones in the hair also make hair look less voluminous, unlike light tones and highlights that tend to add volume.

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