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How to make a colored hair mask

Recently, a new hair product has burst onto the scene. These are color masks, which allow you to modify the tone of the hair, but without bein

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Recently, a new hair product has burst onto the scene. These are color masks, which allow you to modify the tone of the hair, but without being like a dye. In other words, these are masks that dye the hair. In fact, they tend to damage and dry out the scalp less, apart from being more moisturizing and providing greater nutrition. In addition, they revitalize the color of dyed hair itself and reduce dye applications. However, it must be clear that this coloration is temporary and it disappears with washing, being less durable than a conventional dye.

These types of products can be found in cosmetic stores, hairdressers and supermarkets, although they can also be prepared at home in a simple way. From aCOMO we explain how to make a colored hair mask and how they are used.

How to make a colored hair mask

The hair color mask is easy to make, since it is a basic formula valid for all hair types and shades.


First of all, you need to get a series of ingredients:

  • 1 pot of dye
  • 1 pot of mask


The preparation of this color mask is very simple:

  • Take a container to mix the ingredients of the color mask. Keep in mind that this bowl may be stained by the dye and you may not be able to remove the color. It is better that you have one like those used in hairdressers and that you use it only for these purposes.
  • In this container you have to put three parts of the dye of the color of your hair or the one you want to wear and one of the mask.
  • Stir the mixture well until smooth.
  • And with these simple steps the hair color mask would already be ready to apply. If you want to make everything even more natural, you may also be interested in this other article on How to make homemade hair dye.

    How to apply the hair color mask

    In addition to knowing how to make a colored hair mask, it is also important to know the keys of your application. It’s not complicated at all:

  • Apply the mask on clean and damp hair. But be careful, because the hair does not have to have excess moisture.
  • The application should be done as if it were a dye, so that you have to cover the entire scalp, from the roots to the ends. In addition, you must ensure that all the hair is well covered. To do this, you can use the typical brushes to dye your hair and get to the roots, as well as your hands (use plastic gloves) so that all your hair is perfectly covered.
  • The application of the dye is also important that you do it with a massage so that the pigments penetrate well into the hair.
  • Once you’re done, you just have to wait between 15 or 20 minutes to act if you want the color to be very intense. If you prefer something more discreet, five minutes is enough.
  • Then, wash and rinse the hair with plenty of cold water to remove the remains of the color mask.
  • Many people often make color masks for gray hair. If this is your case, you may also be interested in this other article on How to hide gray hair.

    Precautions for use of hair color mask

    Although color masks have multiple advantages to revive the color of the hair or change it, the truth is that a series of precautions must be taken into account so that the result is really as expected:

    • tint color: the first thing you should keep in mind is that this type of mask works best when the color applied is the same as the one worn, because it achieves greater shine and makes the hair look more alive.
    • Good for darkening hair: good results are also obtained if the hair is light and you want to go a darker tone because the hair absorbs the pigments better.
    • Rinses don’t work: These masks, on the other hand, do not work as well when it comes to lightening the hair, especially when the hair is dyed black. In these cases, it will be difficult for the hair to take on your color and it will be better to look for other options.
    • the color of your hair: if the hair is dark or brown, you can play more with the color, but keep in mind that the pigments of the chosen tone may not penetrate well, so the hair will not be uniform in color and will be noticed as a kind of reflections or strands of another tone.

    At Great Looking Hair we hope we have helped you learn how to make a colored hair mask and how to apply it correctly, as well as the precautions you should take when applying it. We always recommend that you consult with experts and put yourself in the hands of specialists.

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