How to make a cream bath with olive oil

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How to make a cream bath with olive oil

The sun, the wind, changes in temperature, environmental pollution... All these factors influence the state of our hair. Therefore, it is impo

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The sun, the wind, changes in temperature, environmental pollution… All these factors influence the state of our hair. Therefore, it is important to keep it healthy and hydrated, to always look bright, soft and in perfect condition. If you have dry hair, this article is perfect for you. On this occasion we propose a home remedy that will help you hydrate and clean up your damaged hair. learn how to make a cream bath with olive oila face mask ideal, natural and beneficial that will help you take care of your hair. Discover everything that olive oil can bring you, a cosmetic luxury that will become your great ally.

Steps to follow:


The olive oil It is perfect for sanitizing, moisturizing and softening dry hair. Hair nutrition is basic to guarantee its strength and good growth. If you want to repair damaged hair, in addition to washing your hair with good products adapted to you, it is good to carry out this shock treatment. In addition, we recommend that you also consult what are the benefits of olive oil for the skin and you will discover that it has more properties than you would have ever imagined.


For the treatment to be completely effective, it begins with apply an olive oil-based mask a couple of times a week. Once you notice that you have managed to rehydrate your hair, you can continue the cream bath but, this time, every 15 days. With this hair beauty treatment you will notice how your hair recovers its shine and softness.


To perform thise cream bath with olive oil You will need to mix the following ingredients:

  • Olive oil
  • Conditioner
  • Egg

There are multiple recipes and variations to make a cream bath, but if you have dry hair, this combination will undoubtedly be the most appropriate to give your hair the necessary hydration to clean it up.


Take a container and mix two tablespoons of conditioner, add an egg yolk and a splash of olive oil. It is very effective and convenient to pour a splash of natural lemon juice, as it will also help shine your hair. Stir it until the mixture is homogeneous.


Next, wash your hair normally. Once you have rinsed it, apply the homemade olive oil cream bath to your hair. Apply it all over your hair, from roots to ends. You can gently massage your head so that the solution penetrates better into all corners of the hair and is more effective. Once you have all the mask applied, let it act for at least half an hour. The longer you leave the cream dip in your hair, the more it will heal your hair. After this time, remove the mask with plenty of cold water.


Even if your hair seems greasy, especially at first, you will soon see the benefits of this cream bath with olive oil. The richness of the oil and its multiple properties will help give your hair shine and softness. Of course, do not make the mask daily, because you will get the opposite effect: dry out your hair even more. Put our beauty tips and nourishes your hair to make it look beautiful and healthy.

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