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How to make a nourishing hair mask

Healthy hair is one that has a silky texture, full of natural movements and that, in addition, can be easily combed without breaking at the end

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Healthy hair is one that has a silky texture, full of natural movements and that, in addition, can be easily combed without breaking at the ends or without getting frizzy. If your hair does not meet any of these characteristics, it is probably because it is not being hydrated properly or it may be damaged or mistreated by different conditions such as the habitual use of dryers, irons or chemical dyes. Today in Great Looking Hair we explain step by step how to make a nourishing hair mask and that, in this way, you return to being healthy with natural and easy-to-get ingredients. With this nourishing mask, in addition to showing off hydrated and healthy hair, you can also save some money.

Steps to follow:


To do one nourishing hair mask You will need to obtain the ingredients that we detail below, explaining the properties for which they are really suitable for nourishing and repairing the hair. Pay attention to the following ingredients for this mask that will leave your hair spectacular:

  • Avocado: The first ingredient that we will use will be an avocado or avocado. The properties of avocado for hair there are many and it contains vitamin A and C, iron and omega 3 fatty acids that are essential nutrients to restore the shine of hair and damaged ends.
  • Plantain: The second ingredient for this nourishing mask is bananas, which have a high content of zinc, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.
  • Coconut milk: To make the mask we will also use coconut milk (or whole milk) rich in protein and calcium to restore the shine of the hair.
  • Almonds oil: This oil helps stimulate the growth of healthy hair due to its high content of vitamins (B1, B2, B6, E and A).
  • Honey: ideal ingredient for this nourishing mask as it has amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, ideal for restoring the softness of your hair.


The first thing we have to do to make this nourishing mask is take the ripe avocado, since in this state it is easier to use, and you have to cut it in half. Then, using a spoon, extract the pulp of the avocado and leave it in a bowl or container. When we already have all the pulp of the avocado extracted in the bowl, we crush it with the help of the spoon until we get a paste.


Now we take the banana, we cut it into three or four pieces and put them in the same bowl with the avocado paste. With the spoon, as we did with the avocado, we will crush the pieces of the banana. Once this step is done, it is advisable to use a blender to make a more uniform and homogeneous mixture. If we do not have this appliance, we will continue to use the same spoon until we get the ingredients mixed.


Add to the container where the avocado and banana mixture is located, two tablespoons of coconut milk or whole milka tablespoon of almonds oil or olive oil and a spoonful of Natural honey. Beat all the ingredients with a mixer or a spoon until everything is well mixed. When we have achieved a homogeneous mixture, we will have the nourishing mask ready to apply it to our hair.


For apply the mask, the first thing we have to do is moisten the hair without it becoming soaked. You can wet your hair in the shower and remove the moisture with the help of a towel, or use a spray with water.

Then, take a comb and untangle our hair starting at the ends and going up to the roots. Once untangled, apply the mask, with the help of a brush or with our fingers, from the ends to the middle of the hair. It is recommended that we apply the mixture insisting on the ends since it is usually the most damaged part of the hair.


When we have applied the mask all over the hair, we will leave rest the mixture between 15 and 20 minutes in our hair. If we do not want our clothes to get dirty with the mask, we can collect our hair with a clip, wrap the part with the product in aluminum foil or we can also place an old towel on our shoulders.


When the 15-20 minutes of rest have passed, we must thoroughly rinse the hair with cold or lukewarm water. Once clarified, we will wash our hair with our usual hair care products.

For this nourishing mask to take effect, you must repeat this process once a week and, in a very short time, you will be able to boast of healthy and hydrated hair.

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  • Brush your hair 10 to 20 times every night to exfoliate your scalp, remove traces of hair products and enhance hair shine.
  • It is also important to brush our hair before washing it to facilitate the penetration of the shampoo and avoid subsequent tangles.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water to achieve greater shine and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Don’t rub your hair during washing and apply the shampoo only to the top of your hair.