How to make curls last longer

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How to make curls last longer

Whether we have wavy hair or not, on many occasions we spend hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to get some perfect and well defined

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Whether we have wavy hair or not, on many occasions we spend hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to get some perfect and well defined curls. However, when we leave the house and expose ourselves to environmental factors, it is very easy for these to begin to decline and our beautiful hairstyle ends up spoiling. To prevent this from happening to you again, at OneHowTo we offer you some simple tips that will give you the key to curls last longer and be dazzling at all hours. Discover them below!

Steps to follow:


show off some defined and long-lasting curls It is possible if you take into account the care of your hair from its washing. It is advisable to use a specific shampoo and conditioner for curls, since the formulas of these lotions are specially designed to combat frizz and provide greater volume to the hair.


After washing, gently remove excess moisture with a towel and apply a little cream or foam Also specific for curly hair. In this case, you should apply it by distributing the product evenly throughout the hair and starting to shape your curls with your fingers.


Next comes a critical step: hair drying. This will be key to making your curls last longer and stay pretty all day long. Adjust the temperature of your dryer so that it gives off warm air (never hot air!) and dry your hair with the diffuser for a more professional finish. A great trick if you want to give volume and movement to your hair is to dry your hair keeping your head down. To finish, you just have to shape the curls with your fingers and that’s it!


Once you have achieved define your curls, spray a little hairspray on the hair so that the hair stays intact for hours and hours. Apply the hairspray placing it at a distance of approximately 30 cm from your hair to prevent it from being damaged and from acquiring a matted appearance.


If one day you choose iron or tongs to create waves in your hair, then it will be essential that you first protect it from high temperatures with a thermal spray. In addition, you must untangle it very well so that it is easier to separate the strands later. You will only have to divide the dry hair into different parts, wind the strands on the iron, hold for a few seconds and release to obtain the curls. We recommend you give them a little shape with your fingers for a look more natural.


Something that, without a doubt, will make your curls last longer is touch them as little as possible throughout the day. Many of us have the habit of constantly intertwining our hair with our fingers, and this only causes the hairstyle to lose shape and the hair to get greasy faster.

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