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How to make waves last longer

straight hair can be boring so, if you have it, surely you find yourself looking for a new look for your hair, something that can give it more

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straight hair can be boring so, if you have it, surely you find yourself looking for a new look for your hair, something that can give it more life and a youthful style. If this is the case, look no further! because waves are your best option. If you have already adopted this style before, you may have noticed that when you make waves in the hair yourself, they don’t last as long as when they do it at the hairdresser; If so, you should not worry, it has happened to all of us and the solutions are many and very simple. Be sure to read the following OneHowTo.com article where we will teach you how to make waves last longer and that, thus, you can look totally stunning for a long time.

Steps to follow:


The ideal time to get waves in your hair is when the hair is NOT freshly washed. It is best to wait a few days after washing so that the waves last longer. The hair naturally produces a small layer of fat, which helps the waves to compact and last longer. A freshly washed hair does not produce oil, therefore the waves will not last as long.

It is also important reduce the amount of shampoo and conditioner when washing it. Especially avoid the use of conditioner, as it will soften and straighten the hair even more, which will make combing difficult and the time it will remain in place will be less.


Not all hair adapts to the wavy style, thicker or very heavy hair does not usually support waves, while long hair adapts much better to curly hair.

It is important to pay attention to the health of your hair, broken or damaged hair will not be able to withstand the waves for so long, while healthy hair will make waves look more beautiful and last much longer.


Other little tricks that you should consider before beginning the process that will give you those long-awaited waves, is to invest in some products that, by applying them, will facilitate the assembly of the waves and make them more resistant.

On the one hand, it takes into account using a dry shampoo. This product is ideal for the days you decide not to wash your hair since, in addition to removing excess oil from the hair, it also provides body and volume. The trick to use it is to apply it from a height of the hair and go down to the ends.

also try use oils that can add texture to the hair. And last but not least, make sure you get products for protect your hairby this we mean some heat protector, which you should apply before you start using a hair straightener and that provides truly incredible results.


To make waves last longer It is recommended that you use a thin iron. This point does not imply that with a thick iron you cannot get waves, yes you can and they are also very beautiful, but if you are beginning to master this technique, then it is best to do it with a thin iron.

A smaller iron will make the hair more compact and fixed, while with a thick iron you will need more experience to achieve this.


It is important the use of lacquer to achieve that waves last longer. There are many very good variations of hairspray, just use the one that works best for you and you like the most. When applying the fixing lacquer, do not do it directly on the hair but throw it in the air, directing it towards your hair.

During the days after you have achieved the perfect waves, you can carry the hairspray in your bag and use it when you notice that the hold in your waves is diminishing.


“But How much hair to use to make each wave?” This is a very common doubt when making waves and what happens is that most women take very wide pieces of hair to wave but, in reality, the thinner the piece of hair you use, the better the wave will be It is simply a matter of trying it and you will see the difference.

In this other OneHowTo article we tell you how to make hair waves with an iron.


Once the waves have been made, and they are well marked, a technique that ensures that they last longer is pick up the waves and fix them using hairpins. Using this method for at least 10 minutes, the waves cool down in that position, keeping their shape longer and giving a simply beautiful result if you combine it with all the other tips that we have detailed.

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  • Before proceeding to dry your hair you can add some perfume of your liking, this will make your new style much more attractive.
  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair, in this way the waves are crushed, and you will have to touch them up the next day.
  • On rainy days take your precautions, the humidity of the environment (even if it hasn’t rained yet) will make your hair lose its shape, the best thing for these days is to use a hair tie.
  • If you are eager to change into this style but have little time to do it, it is better to leave it for another time. If you want good results, this procedure takes time, rushing the process will make the waves not look good and, of course, they will last less.
  • It is not advisable to brush the hair with waves if your hair is too straight, as this will make the waves lose their shape more easily and the time that you will be able to keep the style will be less.