how to naturally redden lips that are easy to do

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how to naturally redden lips that are easy to do

You may have wished you didn't have to apply lipstick or rouge over and over again, in order to still look beautiful with rosy red lips. Actually

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You may have wished you didn’t have to apply lipstick or rouge over and over again, in order to still look beautiful with rosy red lips. Actually there is a natural way to redden lips that can be done easily at home.

There are many factors that can cause darker lips in adults, ranging from smoking, to consuming too many caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. In addition, excessive sun exposure, lack of fluids, and too often licking the lips can also cause the lips to darken. These habits need to be avoided so that the lips can appear redder naturally.

Various Natural Ways to Redden Lips

In addition to avoiding the habits above, here are some natural ways to redden your lips that you can try:

Using honey and sugar

Besides being used as a sweetener for food and beverages, honey and sugar can also be used as a sweetener scrub natural to redden lips. How to use it:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1 teaspoon of honey,
  • then, apply scrub evenly to the surface of the lips,
  • after that, rinse with warm water.

Use scrub These natural ingredients are believed to stimulate the production of new collagen while slowing down the aging process of the lip skin, so that the lips can look brighter.

Using laloe vera

Dark lips can also appear redder by using aloe vera gel. The compounds contained in aloe vera can inhibit the production of melanin in the lips, so the lips will look brighter and fresher. How to use it:

  • apply aloe vera gel on the lips that look black evenly,
  • then leave the aloe vera gel to dry,
  • After that, rinse with clean water.

Using lime

Lime is also known to lighten dark lips. The content of vitamin C, flavonoids, and antioxidants in lime, can remove dead skin cells, so that the lip skin can regenerate perfectly and look redder. How to use it:

  • apply lemon juice on the lips evenly,
  • stay overnight,
  • Then, rinse your lips with clean water.

Repeat the steps above regularly every night. The results will appear no later than 30 days. Before you use lime, make sure your lips are not dry or cracked. The use of lime in these conditions, can actually worsen the condition of the lips.

Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is also used as a natural ingredient to lighten dark lips. In addition to reddening the lips, this oil is also able to moisturize dry and chapped lips. To get the benefits, you just need to apply coconut oil on the lip area evenly. Apply coconut oil regularly during the day and night.

Use brightly colored fruit

Another way you can do to get reddened lips naturally is to use brightly colored fruits, such as pomegranates, raspberries, or strawberries. These fruits can give a reddish color to the lips like lipstick or liptint. How to use it:

  • cut the fruit,
  • then, apply on the lips evenly,
  • after that, coat your lips with lip balm to maintain the color.

Do various natural ways to redden the lips above, in order to get healthy and charming lips. To make red lips naturally, you also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as increasing consumption of water, avoiding cigarettes, reducing consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.