How to prevent blonde hair from turning green

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How to prevent blonde hair from turning green

You are ready to enjoy the hot days, you want to dive into the pool, cool off, swim and enjoy a delicious moment of relaxation. But when you g

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You are ready to enjoy the hot days, you want to dive into the pool, cool off, swim and enjoy a delicious moment of relaxation. But when you get home and see yourself in the mirror, you notice that something has happened, that you blonde hair is not the same and what a surprise! has turned green. Before you traumatize yourself forever and never step foot in a pool again, at we explain in detail why this happens, how to prevent blonde hair from turning green and what to do when it has already happened to us. Pay attention to these tips!

Steps to follow:


The blonde hair can turn green in contact with the chlorine in the pool, regardless of whether it is natural or dyed this color. But why does this happen? The truth is that this curious reaction does not happen in all pools but mostly in those that use, in addition to chlorine, a compound that intensifies the blue tone of the water making it look cleaner or more attractive.

This compound, when interacting with the yellow pigmentation of our hair, gives rise to a greenish tone that can alter the appearance of our hair. This reaction does not always occur and this is due in part to our hair type and its condition, the more dry and battered it is more likely to acquire this color because the pigments will be able to penetrate the strands more easily.


It is very important to try keep our hair hydrated and in good condition throughout the year, but especially before the arrival of the hot months. This measure will help your hair to have closed follicles and be in perfect condition, which will make it difficult for the pigments mentioned above to penetrate into it.

Using special products for your hair type and applying a natural mask once a week with ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil or avocado will help you nourish it to the fullest.


We cannot determine, unless it has happened to us before, if the pool we are about to get into has that pigment or not, so a good recommendation to prevent blonde hair from turning green is wet hair in the shower before we take a dip. With this we will ensure that the hair absorbs the shower water in the first instance, free of this pigment, which reduces the possibility that our strands end up absorbing more chlorine than necessary.


If you usually swim in the pool or do any water sport or discipline and have noticed that this has its effects on your blonde tone, then it is very important that wear the swimming cap as a habit, as this will greatly help you keep your hair healthy and away from the effects of this compound.

If you only use the pool for recreation, then you can moisten your hair with the shower water and then apply a mask with UV protection or a natural oil, such as coconut or argan. Let it absorb for 5 minutes and you can get into the pool, the oily texture of these products will prevent chlorine from penetrating your hair in large quantities, keeping it in perfect condition.


After taking your dip and in order to prevent blonde hair from turning green, it is important to wash your hair again with shower water, thus removing chlorine residues and allowing your hair to be much healthier.


But what to do if your hair is already green? This problem has some simple and very effective solutions. Just as the yellow color of your hair when it comes into contact with blue pigments turns green (because yellow + blue = green), in the same way the red color neutralizes the green allowing your yellow hair to recover its color.

To achieve this, there is nothing better than applying it to your hair. tomato sauce or ketchup and leave to act for 5 minutes. Its red pigments will neutralize the greenish tone, but it is important not to let it act for longer. If when removing the mask the hair is still a little green, apply again for 5 minutes.


Baking soda is the ideal ally to detoxify your hair, that’s why it’s great for remove green color from blonde hair. Simply mix 1 cup of baking soda with 3 cups of hot water, wet your hair and apply the paste as if it were shampoo, massaging the scalp and all the hair very well. Leave to act for 2 minutes and remove with cold water, you will see how the green will have disappeared.


If none of this works then it is best to visit your hairdresser for an immediate professional solution.

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