How to prevent hair from breaking

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How to prevent hair from breaking

There are several reasons that can cause hair breaks and breaks easily but many of them have to do with poor or ineffective care. If you do no

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There are several reasons that can cause hair breaks and breaks easily but many of them have to do with poor or ineffective care. If you do not pay enough attention to the appearance of your hair and do not treat it as required, it is possible that in the long run it will suffer breakage and begin to look dull and damaged. In order not to reach such a situation, in the following OneHowTo article we give you some tips that will help you prevent hair from breaking and is always perfect and well cared for.

Steps to follow:


Washing your hair correctly is essential to prevent it from breaking, and it is that doing it abruptly can cause breakage and create new tangles or knots. The best thing is that when you wash it, you rub the scalp very gently with your fingertips to remove all the dirt and accumulated fat. Likewise, the application of a good conditioner is key to giving the hair extra hydration and minimizing the risk of it breaking.


Something that causes hair breaks often it’s rubbing and wringing it with the towel at the end of the wash. It is preferable that you only wrap it with the towel without exerting pressure and let the excess water and moisture absorb by itself.


Brushing the hair when it is still too wet is another practice that ends up causing significant breakage and damage to the hair. Wait a few minutes and untangle it with a wide toothed comb in the direction from the tips to the root, leaving the brushing for when it is completely dry. If your hair is too fine and tends to create knots, it is preferable that you use a little styling cream or detangling lotion to make the task easier.


If you are one of those you pass the iron through your hair day after day, you should know that subjecting your hair to high temperatures so often ends up damaging it, drying it out and, therefore, breaking it. The ideal is not to abuse this type of electrical equipment and if you do, protect hair properly so that it is prepared and does not become excessively weak. Consult the article How to protect hair from the heat of the flat iron and keep your hair smooth but beautiful and healthy.


Clean the ends of the hair at least every two months is vital to prevent hair from breaking and looking damaged. If you keep this at bay, you won’t have to worry about your hair breaking as it will be completely healthy and grow much stronger and faster. When you notice that your ends are split and look bad, you can also apply some of the treatments that we reveal in the article How to make homemade masks for split ends.


Lastly, note that a diet lacking certain vitamins and minerals it will be reflected especially in the appearance of your hair, as well as in the skin and nails. When this is your problem, do not hesitate to include in your diet the foods that we show you in the article What are the best vitamins for hair.

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