How to protect hair from heat

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How to protect hair from heat

keep a healthy hair It does not depend solely on the use of products suitable for our hair type or the application of natural masks. The care

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keep a healthy hair It does not depend solely on the use of products suitable for our hair type or the application of natural masks. The care we give it to protect it from external damage such as heat, humidity or limescale is also essential to guarantee its well-being. If you live in an area with high temperatures or if you frequently use the dryer and the iron, be clear how to protect hair from heat It will be essential to show off healthy hair. Keep reading, because at we explain how to do it.

Steps to follow:


Protect hair from heat It is essential to keep it healthy, since high temperatures dry it out and weaken it, opening the ends and causing your hair to look visibly damaged. All these cares must be enhanced if you use the iron or the dryer as a beauty routine, two tools that allow us to show off the hair we want but that at the same time can significantly affect its health.


The first step is remove as much moisture of your hair in a natural way, in this way you will need to expose it for less time to the heat of the dryer and the iron. Once you get out of the shower, carefully squeeze your hair and then wrap it with a towel so that it absorbs excess moisture. Leave the towel on your hair for at least 5 minutes, before removing it gently press it to dry it even better.

It is very important that you never rub your hair with the towel as this will only cause you to break some strands as well as cause frizz due to friction.


Once you have removed most of the moisture from your hair, it is time to style it. At this point it is advisable to apply some oil, hair serum or a cream with thermal protectionas these products will help create a protective layer on our hair, moisturizing it and reducing the impact of high temperatures on it.

If you want protect hair from heatit is essential to follow this step and invest in a good cosmetic product that helps to isolate our hair not only from high temperatures but also from humidity and environmental aggressions.


Surely you have heard it many times, but it is always good to mention it once more: it is important that you do not use the dryer at temperatures that are too high and that don’t get it too close to your hairotherwise your hair will soon look dry and damaged. The best thing is that, once you have removed most of the moisture with the towel, apply the dryer at medium temperature and at least 30 centimeters from your hair. It is also not convenient to use it for a long time since the ideal is that our hair dries naturally.

If, due to your hair type or the look you use, it is essential to straighten it using the dryer or flat iron, then you must use moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and mask for your hair type, a protective cream or serum and avoid washing your hair every day. to allow its natural oils to keep it protected.


Regarding the use of irons, the recommended temperature should not exceed 190 ºC in the same way that it is not convenient that you stick it too much to the root of the hair or you run the risk of burning it. Excessive use of the hair straightener can cause severe damage to your hair, so it is important to take care of our hair before using it and invest in a quality straightener that helps us maintain hair health.


During those very hot days when your hair will be directly exposed to the sun, it is convenient to apply a styling cream with sun protection and wear hats that help keep UV/UVA rays away from your hair. This will prevent hair dryness and allow you to show off much prettier hair.


None of these recommendations protect hair from heat they will come in handy if you refuse to visit the barber shop to remove damaged ends and give your hair a healthier appearance. Cutting our hair frequently is key to removing damaged portions of hair and making our hair look much healthier and easier to maintain.

In our article how often to cut your hair we explain how often it is advisable to go to the hairdresser.

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