How to protect hair from humidity

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How to protect hair from humidity

The humidity can become one of the greatest enemies of our hair, making it frizzy and generating the much-feared frizz that prevents us from ke

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The humidity can become one of the greatest enemies of our hair, making it frizzy and generating the much-feared frizz that prevents us from keeping our hair under control. This problem does not only occur when it rains, but there are cities where, due to the proximity of beaches or coasts, humidity is high, affecting the appearance of our hair. If you are tired of fighting in vain against this problem, in the following article we explain it in detail how to protect hair from humidity effectively.

Steps to follow:


The humidity excessive in the environment results in hair frizz, a phenomenon that is exacerbated when we do not give our hair the necessary care and when we do not use the right products. To prevent moisture from penetrating your hair strands causing that puffy look, it is very important that you start by hydrating it properly.

The use of a face mask or conditioner quality and suitable for your hair type will be key to keeping your hair properly hydrated. The fatty oils in these products protect the hair against natural aggressions, so it is recommended to use them with every wash, especially on the most humid days.


Comb that you use can become an ally or an enemy when it comes to avoiding the effects of humidity on your hair. Plastic or metal combs with close-knit bristles encourage the production of static in the hair, further accentuating frizz, so it is best to opt for a wooden comb with thick bristles, a perfect material that will help you avoid static.

If your hair has a tendency to fluff up, it is best to untangle it always wet.


An important step in protecting hair from humidity is to use a styling cream with moisturizing and anti-frizz properties. Products to combat frizz will help to hydrate your hair while creating a protective film on it, preventing the humidity of the environment from affecting it too much. This step is essential if you have curly hair, as this type of hair is more likely to be affected by frizz.


The curly hair They are the ones that suffer the most from humidity, so for especially humid days, styling mousse is an excellent ally. This product usually leaves the curls slightly hardened, something that many do not like but that during a rainy day is great, as it keeps the hair properly isolated allowing us to fix our hairstyle effortlessly.

The recommendation is to keep a bottle of styling foam at home for those days.


Another important aspect that you should never forget to protect your hair from humidity It is precisely to remove the water from your hair as much as possible when you wash it. Going outside with wet hair is a very bad decision when there is humidity, because excess water in your hair will only stimulate more frizz.

To avoid this, the first thing you should do is wrap your hair in a towel after washing it. When doing this, do not rub the hair with the towel, as this increases the static in the area, simply wrap it gently and leave it covered for at least 5 minutes. Remove the towel, comb your hair and apply the styling cream, then turn on the dryer at a medium temperature and dry your hair to remove moisture, try to do it at a moderate distance without hitting the dryer too much to avoid damage.

If you have curly hair and want to add some volume or enhance the shape of your curls, you can blow-dry your hair upside down.


If you are assiduous in the use of dryer and iron, especially if you straighten your hair with these accessories, a great recommendation is to buy them with ionizing properties. The most modern irons and dryers emit ions with use that help combat static in the hair, significantly reducing the effects of humidity on your hair, without a doubt a good investment when you use these accessories a lot.

Also, do not forget to use a thermoprotective product to prevent the heat from causing damage to your hair.

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