How to protect hair from limescale

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How to protect hair from limescale

When the water is too hard, our hair and our skin feel it. It is understood by hard water one that has a high content of minerals such as magn

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When the water is too hard, our hair and our skin feel it. It is understood by hard water one that has a high content of minerals such as magnesium or calcium oxide or lime, an ingredient that produces enormous dryness, significantly affecting the moisture and beauty of our hair and dermis. Certainly we cannot prevent the hardness of the water, but we can take some measures to counteract it and prevent it from causing damage to our hair. At we explain how to protect hair from limescale and look healthy and beautiful.

Steps to follow:


The most obvious effect of lime on our hair is that it produces significant dryness in the hair, making it look dull and unhealthy. Of course, this ingredient affects some hair more than others, those who have curly hair or hair that tends to be dry will notice the impact of hard water more.

A good trick for protect hair from limescale is to fill a 1-liter bottle with tap water and add ¼ cup of vinegar. Shake well and reserve, once you have finished washing your hair, rinse it one last time with this mixture. The vinegar neutralizes the lime and will also make your hair much shinier.


Another way to prevent limescale from remaining in your hair after washing is to give your hair a final rinse with low mineral bottled water. Use a liter of bottled water on your hair at the end of the wash and you will see how its appearance improves remarkably.

And if you don’t want to spend too much on bottled water, then you can buy a water softener jug ​​and use the water from it.


An interesting way to forget about this problem and protect your hair from limescale forever is to install a universal shower filter, this object does not require a complex installation and will serve to remove limescale from the water before it reaches your body and hair. Without a doubt a more permanent way to help your hair.


Because lime considerably affects the hydration of your hair, it is essential that you choose some products that will favor its care, so we recommend:

  • Use conditioner with every wash to moisturize your hair. Commercial masks are also an excellent option, in case of oily hair remember to apply only to the ends.
  • Natural masks are also good allies to enhance the hydration and health of your hair. We recommend the coconut oil mask and the avocado mask, both very effective.
  • Using a moisturizing styling cream will also be of great help to moisturize your hair and counteract the dryness caused by limescale. This is especially important if your hair is curly.

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