How to remove burning smell from hair

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How to remove burning smell from hair

The dryers and irons Straighteners are essential for styling and shaping the hair of many women, but they can also become great enemies for the

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The dryers and irons Straighteners are essential for styling and shaping the hair of many women, but they can also become great enemies for the mane if used in excess or incorrectly. The hair damage caused by the heat of these devices is not only perceived in that the hair is drier and weaker, but also in a strong burning smell that is impregnated and that is very difficult to remove. Take note of the advice in the following OneHowTo article and discover some formulas that will help you remove burning smell from hair and to have it healthier.

Steps to follow:


When at the end of the hairstyle, the hair has an unpleasant burning smell it is a clear sign that you are harming it and not giving it the care it needs. Take into account that a healthy and strong hair, it will always smell clean, especially if you have just washed and moisturized it with a conditioner or mask. Therefore, the ideal is prevent this odor from appearing And, fortunately, you can achieve it by adopting a few very simple measures:

  • Avoid using the dryer and flat iron every day or every time you wash your hair. In the event that you want to straighten your hair completely, it is preferable to do it with the dryer than with the iron.
  • Apply a heat protectant to damp hair before blow-drying and straightening.
  • Control the temperature of the iron, avoiding placing it at more than 180 or 190º.
  • Do not iron the hair when it is still wet or damp, always do it with completely dry hair.
  • Provide your hair with extra hydration by applying a nourishing mask once or twice a week, and even using some natural treatment such as the ones we show you in the article Home remedies for damaged hair.


The tips above are essential to prevent your hair from burning and looking damaged, but what to do when the burning smell is it already an evidence in all your hair? At this point, if you need a quick and effective solution that allows you to leave home with a pleasant aroma in your hair, we advise you to use the commercial scented oils, which are sold especially for this purpose. Thus, you will not have to dry out your hair with traditional perfumes and you will be using a product that offers an excellent formula to achieve an instantly fresh smell without making your hair greasy.


For remove burning smell from hair completely, we recommend that in addition to your usual shampoo you make use of some natural products that are spectacular for neutralizing bad odors and moisturizing hair fibers at the same time. One of the most appreciated is the almonds oilApply a few drops from mid-lengths to ends and let sit for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with plenty of water and wash your hair as you normally do.


The sodium bicarbonate is also a good ally for absorb bad odors, also being useful for hair. In this case, add a small spoonful of baking soda to your shampoo bottle, shake it, and wash your hair with that mixture.


Without a doubt, one of the best natural remedies to eliminate the smell of burning and repair the damaged parts of the hair at the same time, is the aloe vera. With it, your hair will be completely renewed and will look much healthier. prepare a hair mask mixing the pulp of an aloe vera leaf with 5 tablespoons of olive oil, spread it over damp hair and after 20 minutes, remove with plenty of warm water.

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