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How to remove dreadlocks – 9 steps

The dreadlocksalso known as dreadlocks They are a type of hairstyle related to the Rastafarians, however in recent years they have become fash

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The dreadlocksalso known as dreadlocks They are a type of hairstyle related to the Rastafarians, however in recent years they have become fashionable, beyond their ancestral meaning. The truth is that taking care of it so that it looks and smells good requires dedication and the right products. If you want to give your look a change or you’re already bored of wearing dreadlocks and want to get rid of them, we show you at OneHowTo. how to remove dreadlocksHowever, it should be noted that you must spend a lot of time on this procedure.

Steps to follow:


The first stop for remove dreadlocks, undo smaller dreadlocks and those with individual knots that are not tangled at the root and do it as close to the scalp as possible. This process will be easier if your hair doesn’t tend to tangle as much.


The next thing you need to do to remove dreadlocks without cutting them is to soak your hair for 10 minutes in the sink, for this you must use warm water. After the recommended time, place small amounts of shampoo on each of the dreadlocks and wash with hot water.


Apply conditioner with your fingers on each dreadlocks from the root. If you wish you can wrap it in a towel and wait 30 minutes. You must repeat this step until they begin to unravel.


With a fine comb separate the knots that remain, this step is the most patient you must have to avoid pulling the hair. Use the bottom of the comb to help detangle, in case it’s still difficult apply more conditioner and warm water before continuing to style.


Keep combing the area you just untangled, but this time from root to tip and do the same with each of the dreadlocks. In case you don’t have a fine comb, use knitting needles and slide the tip through the dreadlocks to unravel.


When you have already discarded all the dreadlocks, apply conditioner again and let it act for 5 minutes. It is important to note that dreadlocks can cause some damage to the hair and make it look dull and damaged, so we recommend applying some moisturizing treatment to restore its vitality.


Another way, much faster, of remove dreadlocks is to cut them. To do this you must take a pair of scissors and cut above the solid part of each dreadlock. When there are no dreadlocks left uncut wash your hair with neutral shampoo and warm water. Apply conditioner and start detangling using a metal comb, at this point it is normal for the hair to fluff up. Lastly, style your hair by cutting the irregular parts that remained on the scalp.


You can also combine both procedures, especially if your dreadlocks are more than 4 years old. In this case, the ideal is that you cut them in half and follow the first steps that we explain, soak your hair, apply a conditioner and start untangling. In the same way, they are procedures that you can carry out in a hairdresser, in case you do not want to do it yourself.


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