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How to remove frizz from curly hair

Frizz is always associated with curly hair and the truth is that most curly hair has frizz. It is due to a lack of humidity and dry hair, but

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Frizz is always associated with curly hair and the truth is that most curly hair has frizz. It is due to a lack of humidity and dry hair, but it does not mean that it is because you do not take good care of it, but because, like the skin, depending on our body, there are people with oily, dry or normal hair. Dry hair, like oily hair, also needs care and you must take into account the products you use, how you dry your hair and how you style it. Your hair may look frizzy when it’s humid (rain, pools or beach), and this is because it tries to absorb moisture. In this oneHOWTO article we tell you how to remove frizz from curly hair

Wash care

Use a specific shampoo and conditioner can help you a lot eliminate hair frizz. Many times we do not pay attention to the products we use and we simply take any one that is in the supermarket. This is a mistake, as you always have to think about what type of hair you have and what product you need.

In this case, the best products for your hair are those that hydrate since we want to avoid frizz, which is caused by an absorption of moisture in the hair due to the lack of hydration.

That’s why you must always use conditioner or mask, since only with the shampoo, your hair will remain dry and needs an extra supply of hydration. For a better finish, apply a mask at least once a week and do it when you have already rinsed the shampoo and your hair is damp but not wet. When you have removed the excess water, apply it from the middle to the ends, that is, without touching the roots so as not to grease it. Spread it with your fingers and let it act for at least half an hour, although as long as you can be with it, the better. If you are not going to go outside, leave it for a couple of hours. Then rinse it off with plenty of lukewarm water and finally use a stream of cold water, even if it’s hard, as it can help maintain hydration.

Anti-frizz products for curly hair

Both in the shower and those you use for wet or dry styling. The best products to eliminate frizz in curly hair are those free of parabens, sulfates or silicones. Sulfates are strong cleaning agents that can leave your hair dry and frizzy. Neither sulfates nor parabens or silicones are good friends for frizzy hair.

It is also not recommended that the products contain alcohol, since it could dry out your hair more. There are some popular hair mousses for curly hair that contain alcohol.

Always look at the ingredients of the products you use and if you cannot find them without these components, at least make sure that they are at the end of the list, which means that they are in lesser measure or that their level is very low in the composition.

However, the best of all are the natural products and free of additiveslike the ones you find in many hairdressers or in natural centers.

Learn how to dry curly hair

Most people with curly hair dry it like the rest, with the dryer or with the towel, but his thing is to let it dry in the air. However, if you are in a hurry or do not want to let it air dry, you should follow a series of tips.

if you use towel it is best to buy one microfiber which helps to avoid frizz, since normal cotton ones will increase it. Wrap your hair in the towel like a turban and let it dry. Then release it from the towel and dry upside down by taking the towel in the palm of your hand and pushing the hair up from the ends. Do it all over the hair with gentle strokes, but never with the towel on the head moving it to the sides, as you normally would, as this will increase the frizz.

If you use a dryer, it is best have a diffuser adapter, which is this round device with some kind of plastic spikes inside. Place it on the dryer and in the same way as before, with your head upside down, support the hair on the diffuser and pick it up, towards the root. Do it all over your hair and then with a bang throw your head back and do the same with your head straight. Not only will you avoid frizz, but you will also add volume to your hair and your curls will be marked.

In the following article you can see details on how to dry curly hair correctly.

How to style curly hair

First of all, you should know that curly hair should not be brushed, since then you will have frizzy hair without any curl.

What you can do is once you get out of the shower and your hair is damp, but not wet, use fingers (the best choice) or a comb with wide and separated teeth to untangle it.

If you want a very taut hairstyle, like a ponytail, you can use your fingers to pick it up or a comb but never reaching the end, otherwise all the hair would look frizzy.

Hydrate your curls

This is the basis of care for curly hair with frizz. hydration is what your hair needs and that is why it is the key to prevent and eliminate frizz. To do this, in addition to using specific hair products during the shower, you should also look for the right ones for styling.

If you let it air dry you can use moroccanoil oil or argan oil, the so-called liquid gold. Simply add one or two drops in the palm of your hand, no more as you could grease it, and distribute it throughout the hair and ends, making the shape of a curl. You can also use them on dry hair before going outside.

Another way to keep it hydrated is leave the conditioner without rinsing or use one that does not require rinsing. The hair will be hydrated and if you use it well it will not be noticeable. However, you must be careful, as excessive use can make your hair look dirty.

If you have dyed hair, you should take extra care of it and provide it with extra hydration, since the dye dries out the hair a lot. Try to cut the ends whenever you need to clean it up and make it healthy.

Better silk or satin sheets

Cotton sheets, like towels, increase the presence of frizz due to rubbing against them. That’s why it’s better use silk or satin fabrics that will not provide frizz with rubbing. Both fabrics lock moisture into your hair. If you can’t find it, you can always wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf or with a turban of this type.

home remedies for frizz curly hair

you can prepare Homemade masks to remove frizz from curly hair and use them once a week. For this, we leave you some ingredients that you can use. For example the eggespecially the egg white, contains albumin, a protein that moisturizes the hair. coconut oil It is very moisturizing and hydrating, but you should be aware that it can make your hair greasy, just like olive oil. plain yogurt It is widely used for face masks, but it is also very beneficial for the hair and the banana It contains potassium which is very effective in preventing dry hair, so together they are a good choice.

You can make, as an idea, a mask with yogurt and mashed banana or add a little egg white (or the whole egg). Apply it to your hair without touching the roots and let it act, as we have seen, the longer the better, and then rinse it off.

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