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How to remove frizz from straight hair naturally

Frizzy hair is one of the most common aesthetic problems when it comes to hair. It is not easy to get straight hair when our hair has a tenden

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Frizzy hair is one of the most common aesthetic problems when it comes to hair. It is not easy to get straight hair when our hair has a tendency to frizz or if we live in places with a high degree of humidity, such as towns near the beach.

Frizz does not only appear in naturally wavy or curly hair. It can also occur in hair that has been subjected to dyes, highlights or products with a tendency to damage the hair. That is why it is becoming more and more common for straight hair to tend to stand on end, but without becoming undulating or curling. If you want to fight it, from aHOWTO we reveal it to you how to remove frizz from straight hair naturally with some remedies that can help you.

Why does frizz occur in straight hair?

Although it is an increasingly common problem, the cause of this frizz in the hair is not usually known. It’s just the hair dehydration. When the hair does not have enough moisture, it tends to look for it in the environment and therefore increases its volume.

Dyes and a large number of specific cosmetic products for hair contain ingredients that cause lack of hydration and increase the porosity of the hair, making it look dry hair and frizzy. But there are also other routines that we normally follow in the care of our hair that have this effect, such as the use of tools such as dryers and irons which also dehydrate the hair.

Logically, wavy and curly hair shows this trend naturally. Why? The oils generated by the scalp and that serve to keep the hair hydrated do not slide correctly through waves and curls, while they do in straight hair. That is why they tend to be drier, bristly and brittle. But there are some tricks to remove frizz and dehydration.

How to wash your hair to avoid frizz

At the time of washing, there are certain measures that can be taken to decrease frizz. First, before the first rinse it is recommended massage the scalp to activate circulation and improve blood flow in the area. This will increase the production of natural oils.

It is convenient to avoid the use of hot water, it is much better to use warm water or even cold so as not to increase the porosity of the hair. It is also recommended not to use products to wash your hair that contain alcohol, sulfites or sulfates because they dry it out even more. Better to choose those that have a formula with keratin to nourish it.

How to dry straight hair to avoid frizz

At the end of the last rinse of the hair, it is advisable to do not towel dry too hard. It is best to do this by gently pressing and then gently sliding it through the length of the hair, removing water and moisture.

In the event that later you want to use any instrument that is going to involve applying heat to the hair, it is highly recommended to use products hair protectants that do not contain alcohol and try to keep the temperature as low as possible.

Learn more about how to protect your hair from heat in this other Great Looking Hair article and avoid frizz in your hair.

The use of masks

One of the products most used by experts to combat hair dehydration and frizz is the mask. Its main function is to nourish the hair and maintain the correct hydration at all times.

That is why it is recommended that, in general, it be used regularly, once a week, whether it is homemade or previously acquired. For its application to be effective, it must be maintained. between 10 and 30 minutes and then rinse the hair to completely remove the product. To make masks at home, it is recommended to add oils such as argan oil as the main ingredients, which help to eliminate frizz.

In addition, another very useful method to remove frizz from straight hair naturally is the use of a serum. Learn more about how to make homemade hair serum and how to apply it correctly.

How to cut your hair to avoid frizz

There are some haircuts that favor the decreased frizz. What is sought is reduce the volume hair as much as possible, so avoid hairstyles that require many layers. If you want a weathered mane, always in the area of ​​the tips, because they considerably increase the expansion of the hair.

It is also advisable to avoid completely straight cuts, as they can generate a greater sensation of volume in the hair.

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