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How to repair hair damaged by bleaching

Hair bleaching or lightening is one of the aesthetic techniques that most damages hair because products that are very aggressive and harmful to

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Hair bleaching or lightening is one of the aesthetic techniques that most damages hair because products that are very aggressive and harmful to the scalp are often used. It is usual that after undergoing this process the hair is very damaged, with greater dryness and loss of vitality being observed.

Although it is always advisable to follow appropriate treatments for the hair you have, this is even more important after bleaching in order to repair it and make it shine again in all its splendor. In a HOWTO we will explain how to repair hair damaged by bleaching. In addition, you can implement several treatments because, sometimes, it will be necessary to apply several at the same time.

Oils to repair hair damaged by discoloration

To repair hair damaged by bleaching, one of the best solutions that exist are hair oils because they provide great hydration and nutrition, which is key when the hair is so damaged.

  • Argan or macadamia oil: among the most indicated are, for example, those of argan or macadamia that, precisely, stand out for moisturizing and nourishing, thanks to their high natural content of unsaturated fatty acids. In this way, dryness of the hair is avoided and the recovery of the cuticles and the external appearance of the hair, which is so damaged by bleaching, is favored. The result after several weeks of application is a silky and brighter scalp.
  • shea butter: Another option is to use those that incorporate Shea butter, which is rich in vitamin E and carotenoids, providing great protection to the hair against external agents and oxidation.
  • Olive or almond oil: And, if you don’t want to buy any of these products, there is another remedy that you surely have on hand: olive oil, which is also excellent for its nutritional capacity. In addition, the hair will be very soft. You can also use almond oil with which you will prevent the hair from being dry, especially at first.

Solution for hair burned by discoloration

The keratin treatments They are also of great help to repair hair damaged by bleaching. Normally, it is applied to the hair through capillary constituents that, in reality, what they do is recover the entire structure of the hair.

To understand us, these treatments work as if you filled each hair, since it is gives it more body. In addition, it also provides the scalp with a higher brightness.

Shampoo and mask for burnt hair due to discoloration

Apart from oils and keratin treatments, it is also important that you use other types of specific products such as shampoos and masks because, surely, the ones you were using before the bleaching will not work for you.

You always have to choose those that indicate that they are repairers or for damaged hair. A good option are those that contain nanokeratinwhich is even more powerful than keratin and, therefore, its action is much greater to repair hair.

Haircut to recover hair burned by highlights or dye

Another possible solution to repair hair damaged by bleaching is to cut to the chase. That is to say, haircut or, at least, the most damaged part, which is usually the tips. If you have long hair, it is best to leave it at a medium length and, if that was the initial length, it may be time for you to opt for short hair.

Anyway, even if you cut your hair, you will surely have to follow some other additional treatment to recover the hair because, obviously, the area that has not been cut will continue to be damaged.

Other additional care to recover hair

In addition to these treatments and solutions, on a day-to-day basis it is good that you follow another series of guidelines to help take care of your burnt hair:

  • For example, whenever you wash it, try to avoid too hot water and opt for wash it with warm water and to finish with a cold rinse.
  • At the time of the hairstyle, also, be careful. Never pull your hair and try to use natural bristle brushes to comb your hair and a wide-toothed comb to untangle it. In addition, it is time to leave the dryers and irons for a while, especially if they do not have temperature control, because direct application of heat to the hair should be avoided. Otherwise, no matter how much you follow treatments, you will not notice the results.
  • And also be careful with foams, fixatives, gels or sprays, among other products. Whenever you can, dispense with them. Otherwise, you will have to choose those that explicitly indicate that they protect the hair.

With these guidelines that we have given you in a HOWTO, we hope we have helped you know how to repair hair damaged by bleaching. It is always a good idea to consult a hairdresser, cosmetologist or other specialist so that they can tell you which products are most suitable and how you can take better care of your hair.

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