How to strengthen hair with home remedies

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How to strengthen hair with home remedies

A weak hair It is a consequence, in many cases, of the application of dyes, colorations, aggressive products, excessive use of devices such as

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A weak hair It is a consequence, in many cases, of the application of dyes, colorations, aggressive products, excessive use of devices such as the dryer or iron, poor nutrition, stress, etc. All this makes our hair progressively lose strength and intensifies problems such as hair loss, loss of shine and dryness. It is possible to combat all these evils by using natural cosmetics and offering the hair the vitamins and minerals it needs to look healthy and radiant. Take note of the different options in this OneHowTo article on how to strengthen hair with home remedies

Steps to follow:


The best alternatives for strengthen hair naturally is through the application of such common products as the olive oil. This precious golden liquid, in addition to giving hair a lot of strength, hydrates it from the roots to the ends thanks to its essential fatty acids, regenerates them and, therefore, favors their growth. The result is a mane with much more life and shine.

A very simple way to use olive oil on your hair is to apply two tablespoons of it to dry hair, cover it with a plastic cap so that it penetrates well, and leave it on for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse and perform a normal wash.

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Another of the natural products that offers incredible properties for hair beauty is aloe vera This plant nourishes the hair follicles providing a large amount of vitamins and minerals that allow revitalize the mane completely, stimulate its growth and give it more strength. In addition, it is perfect to combat problems such as hair loss, dandruff or seborrhea.

You have the option of using store-bought aloe vera gels or oils, or applying the pulp of an aloe vera leaf directly to your hair. We advise you to place it on damp hair, let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes, and then remove it with plenty of water and wash your hair as you normally do.


Thanks to its high content of vitamin E and D, the egg It is a great ally to strengthen the hair and recover its original beauty. In addition, it is perfect for those hair that lacks volume and needs help to look more abundant. If to this ingredient we add honeywe obtain one of the most effective masks to provide softness and shine to the hair.

To prepare it, you just have to mix 1 egg yolk, a small tablespoon of honey and 2 small tablespoons of olive oil until you get a smooth paste. Spread the mask on damp hair and leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse and wash as normal. Repeat the treatment once a week to get hydrated and super beautiful hair.


In addition to olive oil, we find other natural oils that are used to care for the hair and make it more resistant. Among the wide range, stands out rosemary oilwhich stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and, therefore, strengthens the hairpurifies it and prevents excessive hair loss.

To take advantage of all these benefits, you should mix half a cup of rosemary oil with two small tablespoons of olive oil, heat both ingredients and apply to a damp scalp with a massage. Let sit for 20 minutes and then you can do a normal wash.


It has been proven that biotin It is the essential vitamin for healthy, strong and beautiful hair. In addition to consuming foods rich in biotin daily, it is possible to make a hair mask with some of them, such as strawberries and banana. To do this, you have to mash 3 strawberries and half a ripe banana until you get a homogeneous mixture. Next, apply it to damp hair from roots to ends and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Finish the treatment by rinsing with lukewarm water and washing the hair.


In addition to these home remedies to strengthen hair, it is also advisable to provide the body with nutrients and vitamins through diet, as this has a very important role in good hair health. And an incredible way to give your hair more strength and density is to take some natural juices excellent for it, such as carrot juice, lettuce and alfalfa; vitamin C juice; cucumber and melon juice or avocado, orange and strawberry juice. Discover all the recipes in full in the article How to make juices to strengthen hair.

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