How to style curly hair

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How to style curly hair

For some women their curly hair it is difficult to tame and impossible to make it look perfect, however the key to wearing a great look with th

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For some women their curly hair it is difficult to tame and impossible to make it look perfect, however the key to wearing a great look with this type of hair lies in combing it properly as well as choosing the appropriate cut according to the characteristics of the hair. If, despite having lived with your curls all your life, you still don’t know the right way to treat them, don’t worry, because in this article I will explain all my experience on this subject so that you can discover how to style curly hair and look fantastic.

Steps to follow:


At the time of comb curly hair There is something that you must take into account: this type of hair cannot withstand the extreme heat of a dryer or excessive humidity, since both conditions favor frizz, making the hair look out of control.

Taking these two factors into account, we will explain in detail how to style curly hair Starting with the wash. It is very important to only use curly hair products because they have ingredients that maintain hydration and reduce frizz, two important contributions for this type of hair. When washing your hair, avoid water that is too hot and opt for lukewarm, this way you will prevent your hair from suffering too much.


Curly hair has a tendency to dry out, that’s why it’s essential use moisturizing masks at every wash instead of applying conditioner. If your hair does not usually accumulate fat at the root, you can apply a little mask from the roots to the ends, but keep in mind that the portion to be used should be small, similar to the size of an almond for short or medium hair and a little larger for long hair.

Rub the product into the ends and scalp (only if your hair is not greasy) and give it a little massage. Leave on for at least a couple of minutes and remove with warm water. Any products you use to style or wash your curls should be moisturizing. You can also choose to apply natural masks once a week, we especially recommend avocado and coconut oil, ideal for this type of hair.


Once you finish washing it is ideal to give your hair a shot of cold water to improve circulation and increase shine, but if you hate cold water, skip this step. Then comes one of the most important points when styling curly hair: wring out excess water and wrap your hair in a towel.

Excess moisture enhances frizz, so when combing the hair it should be as dry as possible, something that can only be achieved with a towel. Leave it on your head for at least 5 minutes, but be careful: never rub it in your hairthis increases the frizz and generates indomitable curls, so when you take it out, remove it gently.


It’s time to style curly hair and this of course also has its trick. To start you must use a wooden comb with separate bristles, never a plastic one, much less a brush. These materials are not suitable for curly hair, increasing frizz and breaking it.


Once you have untangled the hair, it is time to apply a special styling product for curly hair. You can opt for a cream or foam, it all depends on the final effect you want to achieve, your hair and your tastes, so in this aspect it is best to try several brands and presentations until you find the one you like the most.

To style curly hair with the product, apply a little of it to your hand, spread it all over your hair, avoiding the roots, and then apply another little bit again. Put your head down and in this position begin to shape your curls, if you have a lot of volume then do it without lowering your head. This allows the chosen product to define your curls, so it is convenient to spend a few minutes on this task.


Once you have defined your curls, it is time to let your hair dry, for this there is nothing better than letting dry naturally, in this way you will avoid the damage and frizz that the dryer can cause. If you don’t want to leave the house with damp hair or you live in a very cold area, then you can choose to reduce the humidity a bit by using the dryer, preferably with a diffuser and at a cold or medium temperature, never hot.

Keep in mind that while the hair is damp, you can continue shaping the curls by pressing them from the tip to the root with your hands.


Very important: never comb curly hair when it is dry because you will make it curl instantly, the end result will be a lioness mane that is unmanageable and not at all attractive to look at. Curly hair should only be combed when it is damp, otherwise if you want to style it you will have to slightly dampen it and use your hands and styling product.


On days when your hair is more rebellious, some good ideas for comb curly hair are:

  • Tie a scarf around your head that allows your hair to be controlled and resist humidity, a perfect idea for beach and summer days. Great for short and medium hair.
  • Pick up your hair with a modern braid, a perfect measure when you don’t have time to fix it too much. Look at these hairstyles with braids for long hair and find the ideal one for you.
  • Make a half tail that allows you to wear it loose but under control. You can also opt for a high or ponytail, this only when your hair is having a bad day.
  • Gather your hair with a donut-type bun, practical and fast. In our article how to make a donut bow we explain how to make it.


Last but not least, never forget to team up with a good hairdresser who knows how to cut curly hair, this is essential to show off a perfect mane. Curly hair needs special considerations when cutting it that you must take into account to show off a perfect and beautiful look.

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