How to take care of burnt hair

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How to take care of burnt hair

The iron, the dryer, the sun, the dyes and the discolorations are the main responsible for the burnt hair. When these factors are abused or no

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The iron, the dryer, the sun, the dyes and the discolorations are the main responsible for the burnt hair. When these factors are abused or not used correctly, the hair cuticle breaks, its natural protein is lost and the hair becomes dehydrated, loses its shine and elasticity and hair loss appears. frizz and split ends. If you feel that these lines are your hair biography, find out in this OneHowTo article, how to take care of burnt hair.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do to take care of burnt hair is cut it. When hair is damaged at the ends, the damage spreads throughout the hair, so the state of abuse your ends are in today is the state all your hair will be in over time. This happens because the cuticle is open at the ends and it opens along the length of the hair until it releases all the protein that keeps it healthy. You may not have to cut off all of your hair, but it is necessary to remove at least four fingers of burned hair so that your hair begins to regenerate.


When losing protein, what do you need to take care of burned hair? Protein! This protein that your hair lost and that you must replace is called keratin. The keratin it is the protein that your hair produces and is responsible for making your hair look healthy, shiny and elastic, that is, we are not talking about any “supposedly miraculous” straightening treatment. You can get keratin in conditioners, cream baths, hair repair treatments, regenerating ampoules, and many more professional and specialized hair care products.


The heat of the iron is one of the main enemies for take care of burnt hair. The iron, as we explained at the beginning, if it is not used correctly or its use is abused, it can burn the hair and leave it irreparable. To prevent this from happening, you need to know the main mistakes we make when ironing our hair and, above all, take care of your hair before ironing it. Do not iron your hair when it is wet, use the iron at a medium temperature, put a heat protector on your hair and do not iron your hair every week.


The sun is as harmful as the iron. UV rays are able to penetrate the cuticle and burn it. To avoid this, you should know how to take care of your hair during the summer, which is when there is greater solar intensity, and always, no matter if it is cloudy or it is winter, use a styling cream with sun protection.


Applying moisturizing masks for burnt hair is very useful to take care of your hair. The masks help hydrate and return the water lost due to abuse to the strands. You can apply these masks twice a week, leaving on for 20 minutes and then removing with cold water.


Use a special hair care line for damaged hair. Use shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair will help you regenerate your hair. Do not wash your hair every day, as much as the shampoo is helpful, it dries out the hair if it is used every day, since it contains many chemicals such as sodium and sulfate to generate foam and aromas.


Avoid dyeing or bleaching burned hair. These chemicals will act on your hair accentuating the bad condition and leaving it porous and very weak. Try to restore your natural color while you regenerate your hair or prefer coloring based on natural products such as henna.


The intensive hydration They are recommended to take care of burnt hair. These hydrations do not modify the wave of the hair, but rather hydrate the strand to the deepest. Capillary botox is an ampoule that offers this type of hydration whose results you can see from the day of application. If you want to save some money, you can also apply hair botox at home.


Be patient, caring for burnt hairIt requires a lot of attention and effort, but in the end it is possible to regenerate it if you follow these tips, especially the haircut instruction. If you are a lover of long hair, do not worry, here we also tell you how to take care of your hair so that it grows.

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