How to take care of dyed red hair

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How to take care of dyed red hair

The red dyed hair It is synonymous with sensuality, adventure and brightness, perhaps that is why every woman has wondered at some point in her

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The red dyed hair It is synonymous with sensuality, adventure and brightness, perhaps that is why every woman has wondered at some point in her life how this tone would look on her hair. If you were one of the daring ones and you wear your hair dyed red, you should know that there is a lot of care necessary for your hair to look healthy and, most importantly, to keep its red color impressive. Discover how to care for dyed red hair in this OneHowTo article and show off your hair as daring as you are.

Steps to follow:


Red, blond or brown, the dye always wreaks havoc. The first thing you should know about how to care for hair dyed red is that you must hydrate it to counteract the dryness or porosity that the color may have caused. Using a conditioner will not be enough, you must apply intense hydration such as capillary botox that penetrates to the depths of the strand to restore lost protein and make hair look shiny, soft and very healthy.


Uses a shampoo for colored hair to take care of your red hair. These products offer to maintain the color of the hair longer while providing nutrients to restructure the strand due to the damage caused by the dye. In the market, you can even find special shampoo for hair dyed red that offers to maintain the characteristic shine of this tone.


Hair dyed red is very sensitive to the sun. uses protective creams or hats to prevent sunlight from changing the tone of your hair. This way you also prevent UV rays from causing damage to your hair by penetrating the strands and withering them. When you go to the beach, get advice on how to take care of your hair in summer.


Moisturize your hair to keep it healthy with special masks for colored hair. These home remedies are ideal for offering nutrients to your hair that help repair existing damage and allow the strands to regenerate through their natural ingredients. Masks are a cheaper and homemade option to take care of red-dyed hair.


Be careful with chlorine! Swimming pools or swimming pools are excellent for having fun and relaxing, but the chlorine they contain is capable of changing the color of your hair dyed red for a “less pretty” one. If you don’t want to end up with pink hair, avoid submerging yourself in swimming pools or jacuzzis that may have chlorine or some other chemical product that could harm your hair.


cut your hair every two months to prevent your ends from wilting and allow your hair to stay healthy. Similarly, dye your hair as soon as it has two fingers of root to avoid constant coloring that can damage your hair and make it porous.

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