How to take care of fine hair

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How to take care of fine hair

If you have the fine hair you'll be used to dealing with impossible tangles, frizz and static electricity. This type of hair is much weaker an

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If you have the fine hair you’ll be used to dealing with impossible tangles, frizz and static electricity. This type of hair is much weaker and more fragile than others and it is not easy to always keep it looking good, as it requires very specific care and extreme hydration. But all is not lost, if you want your hair to look spectacular, not break so much and radiate beauty, we recommend that you put into practice each of the tips we give you in this OneHowTo article on how to take care of fine hair

Steps to follow:


We must not confuse the scarcity of hair with have fine hair, since the amount has nothing to do with the characteristics of the latter. We speak of fine hair when its thickness is less than that of normal hair, normally the difference is approximately 2 mm. It is for this reason that fine hair is quite more fragile and they differ from the rest by the lack of volume, the sensitivity to breakage, the split ends and the frizz or frizz.

If your hair has all these features, do not hesitate to start taking care of it as we show you in the following steps.


Good hair care starts, as always, from the beginning: washing and rinsing. In the case of fine hair, it is essential to apply the lotions extremely gently without rubbing sharply so as not to cause breakage. Massage the hair with your fingertips and avoid scratching with your nails, as you must always keep in mind that fragility is the weak point of fine hair.

What products are the most suitable? The best options for sensitive fine hair are those strengthening shampoos and conditioners that make hair grow more resistant and look revitalized. Finish the wash, rinsing the hair with lukewarm water to remove product residue and make sure it is perfectly clean to avoid a matted appearance and less volume.


Breakage and split ends are also, as we have indicated, one of the biggest problems with fine hair. To minimize this damage and make your hair heavier at the bottom, you should hydrate the tips at each wash using a nourishing mask or applying a little moisturizing hair oil of those used on wet hair. Let the product penetrate well into the hair fibers for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

If you prefer to opt for homemade solutions, olive oil and almond oil can be great alternatives.


Another of the best products that we can offer fine hair is a repair serum. This has a high concentration of active ingredients that is very effective in renewing the hair and giving it a much healthier and more beautiful appearance. In addition, it is perfect to combat one of the greatest evils of fine hair: frizz, just by applying a few drops from the middle to the ends you will notice how the hairstyle improves and your hair is very soft to the touch.

It is not a product that is recommended to be applied every day, since the frequency of use will depend on the condition of the hair; so if it is not very damaged you can limit the application of the serum to once or twice a week.


When you have finished washing your hair, you should not twist it with the towel nor rub it with it with force. Place it loosely so that it simply removes excess water and moisture; You must remember that gestures like this can damage fine hair and make it break much more easily.


The combs and brushes that are used are also very important and when it comes to take care of fine hairthose are preferable wide toothed combs to untangle the hair and undo the impossible knots that are often created in this type of hair. Previously apply a detangling lotion to facilitate the work and not suffer pulling. It is advisable that you start by combing the hair always from the middle to the ends and, once this is done, you can do it from the root to the bottom.


Do you usually use a hair dryer? Then it will be essential that you use it at a temperature that is not too high and that, previously, you apply a thermal protector. This is an ideal product to protect hair from the heat given off by dryers, irons and curling irons, so you should not overlook it.

In order to give fine hair greater volume, we advise you to dry it by placing your head upside down and to apply a little hairspray to the roots, but always without exceeding it so as not to create the opposite effect and weigh down the hair.


Do not forget cut your ends every two to three months at least to keep your fine hair in perfect condition and looking amazing. And if, in addition, you want to change look We invite you to consult the ideas that we give you in the article Haircuts to get volume.

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