How to use cusi oil for hair

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How to use cusi oil for hair

Cusi oil, also known as babassu oil, has important properties for beauty and, specifically, for hair. And it is that with its use it prevents

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Cusi oil, also known as babassu oil, has important properties for beauty and, specifically, for hair. And it is that with its use it prevents hair from falling out. In addition, it delays the appearance of gray hair, especially if you are young and are prone to white color settling in your hair.

Despite these and many other properties, it is an oil that, in general, is not well known. And so, how to use cusi oil for hair? Don’t worry, in oneHOWTO we’re going to give you the keys to use it properly and show off spectacular hair.

What is couscous oil

Before starting to use it, it is important that you know what cusi oil is so that you know where it comes from, what it has been traditionally used for and its main benefits.

Well, the couscous oil It is extracted from the seeds of the cusi palm tree., which is common in areas like Brazil. This oil has been used by the inhabitants of this country for a long time for beauty. Previously, it was applied directly to the body or hair, although over the years products have been launched that incorporate it as one of its star ingredients, as may be the case, for example, of the shampoo.

Benefits and properties of cusi oil

Actually, cusi oil is quite reminiscent of coconut oil, being very similar in its benefits and also in its way of use. But let’s go in parts. What can this oil bring to your hair? The answer is clear: many benefits. Among them, for example, is:

  • Greater elasticity.
  • Greater hair strength.
  • Greater shine and smoothness.
  • Avoid split ends.
  • Improves the appearance of damaged or dry hair.
  • Balance the level of fat.
  • Get rid of dandruff.
  • Prevents gray hair.
  • Prevents hair loss.

How to use cusi oil on hair

You may get any of the properties that we have discussed above for your hair if you apply cusi oil. before you wash your hairregardless of whether you use it directly or in products that contain it. Its use is very simple:

  • Wait 30 minutes before washing your hair so that, once applied, it can act and its benefits are absorbed by the hair.
  • Take a little product and spread it all over the scalp, working well from the roots to the ends. This application is best done by gently massaging the scalp in order to stimulate blood circulation in the head.
  • Then wash your head with a shampoo. It is better that it be natural and without parabens, so as not to cause damage to the hair and, consequently, reduce the benefits and contribution of cusi oil.
  • If you can, avoid using blow dryers and flat irons to dry your hair, at least until you have it repaired and use cusi oil to keep it in perfect condition.
  • Cusi oil for hair growth

    When hair loss is very severe, it is necessary to focus more on the application of cusi oil. In this way, it is best to put it on your hair and keep it for longer. At least initially and until your loss starts to slow down, you should sleep with it on.

    To make everything more comfortable and also to enhance its effect, it is best to cover your head with a cap like the one used for any mask. This will also make it easier for you to sleep.

    Then in the morning you don’t need to wash your hair. It’s more than enough with rinse it and remove the excess product that has remained

    Cusi oil to give the final touch to your hairstyle

    Cusi oil can also be used as if it were a mousse, wax, or hairspray. To do this, you will have to use less amount of product so that the hair does not become excessively greasy.

    In this case, the benefits of its properties will go to the area of ​​the hair where you apply it, which is normally the ends, but it is also a way of using natural products to style your hair that are less harmful than others that contain chemical elements.

    Frequency of use of cusi oil

    The frequency with which you can apply cusi oil varies depending on the goal you want to achieve and according to the state of your hair. For example, to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair, it is good that you apply it every day giving the massage as we have explained in the previous section, and then move on to three times a week. The periodicity also can be daily in the case of split ends.

    For the rest of the cases, it will be important that you see the evolution of the hair after the first daily applications. Initially, if you overdo it, it is a product that can’t hurt youbut it is not good to abuse your job either.

    From aCOMO always, even if it is a natural oil, we recommend that you consult a specialist so that they can indicate the treatment guidelines for your hair, especially in the face of hair loss or the appearance of dandruff.

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